5 Tips to Save Money on Appliances at Best Buy

Saving Money on Appliances at Best Buy

Saving Money on Appliances at Best Buy


In my recent kitchen renovation where I replaced the white appliances with stainless steel appliances (after realizing that the fridge would be too small for frozen meals for a family of three), I shopped around online for exact measurements of the fridge that would work for the small space in the 450 square foot apartment.

It had to be a counter top style fridge (not too much of a depth) otherwise I couldn’t reach the cabinets beside the fridge.  It also had to be tall and not too wide.  Therefore online perusing was helpful for me to find the exact fridge with measurements that would fit the space.  After doing my research, my conclusion was that it was best to get the appliances at Best Buy, and to do it in person, which unfortunately meant heading to the store and talking to people, which my introverted self would prefer not to do.  Alas, I ponied up and went to Best Buy and I must say it was a good experience, especially with the customer service representative I had who seemed very knowledgable about her appliances.

Just FYI, I did not receive any compensation from Best Buy for writing this, I just wanted to share with you all that there was a price match guarantee and that you can actually negotiate with them!

Saving Money on Appliances at Best Buy

buy at least 2-3 appliances at best buy

I’m not sure if it was because I bought a fridge, a stove, an over the range microwave, and a dishwasher, but it seemed to be the magic amount to have lower prices offered to me.  I actually had no idea that I could haggle or negotiate with Best Buy for lower appliance prices (because you know, that’s what I love to do) but the customer service representative seemed to just offer it to me.

I didn’t buy very fancy appliances (just bought GE brand) for the stove and the over the range microwave, because I plan on selling or renting out the condo in a few years.

use best buy’s price match guarantee

Best Buy has a price match guarantee that will beat any advertised same appliance (at online retailers, like Amazon too and with print advertisements).

Best Buy honours this within 30 days of purchase and you can also have it honoured before you make the purchase too.

Initially I found a lower price for the stove online but the company was in Ontario (I am in British Columbia) and apparently the shipping fees would be an increased price and higher than the price match so they were not able to honour that.  I was a little miffed, but they were able to reduce the price on something else so that it would be similar in savings in total.  On their website it does say that the total price must include shipping etc. as well so even though I was miffed for a non-valid reason, they were still able to help the customer feel more satisfied.

Even with a stove that she recommended (the one I found online was unavailable), just before she was about the ring the purchase up, all I did was Google the product number of the stove online and then I found a lower price and showed it to her on the spot.  Then she immediately matched the price.

sign up for best buy reward zone

Best Buy (like other major retailers) has a points program called the Best Buy Reward Zone Program.  Although it’s not much, I was able to get $35 in Reward Certificates to be used at Best Buy next time I go there (although the time frame to use the Reward Certificates is about 6 months).  That’s about 1% return as I spent roughly $3200 on new appliances.  If you combine this with a credit card that gives you 2% cash back, let’s say, the MBNA World Elite MasterCard, that adds up to a total of $100 in savings!  Not too shabby, right!

be nice to the customer service rep

The key to negotiation with customer service representatives is to be nice (but firm).

Because of this, I was able to save about $464 additionally (combined with the competitor’s price match discount).

There was a stove that I wanted but they didn’t have it available (even though online it said it was available).  She was able to give me a nicer model for the same price as the stove I wanted, without any hassle.

resist the upsell

Although the customer service representative was great and super nice, of course they are probably trained at up selling the appliances- to make you doubt your decision and quickly buy something more expensive on the recommendation because of her expertise.  She recommended a more expensive dishwasher, to the tune of $100 more, because it would be quieter.  I was happy with the dishwasher and don’t really care whether it is loud or not.  As long as it gets the job done I’m happy… that and it has a stainless steel exterior, haha.

Saving Money on Appliances at Best Buy

MSN has an article on 27 more ways to save money at Best Buy if you are interested.

Readers, have you had experience negotiating with Best Buy for appliances?

Saving Money on Appliances at Best Buy

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9 comments on “5 Tips to Save Money on Appliances at Best Buy

    • @Gabe- Thanks! They already have oil stains and the stuck on grease from baking bacon in the oven causes my smoke alarm to go off already. If only appliances could magically clean themselves!! (I am aware there are self-cleaning ovens but those things scare me!). Yes, good luck- I was surprised they negotiated so easily too!

  1. I didn’t know Best Buy did price matching. We just replaced all of our kitchen appliances and bought them on Black Friday (Canada) from Lowes, really cool deals there too. We will have to replace our washer and dryer eventually so thanks for the info on Best Buy. $35 in rewards is still free money:)

    • @Caroline- Yes, it went to good use, my husband bought a pair of headphones and I bought some greeting cards (yes, I am surprised they sell greeting cards at best buy too!).

    • @Kris- No probs! I would think they do, anything to keep customers shopping at the big box stores and away from Amazon ha 🙂

  2. I have successfully used the price-matching guarantee at Best Buy before. I had a Best Buy gift card I wanted to apply towards the purchase of an item, but then saw that it was cheaper at Staples. After mentioning it to the customer service person at the store, they hopped online, confirmed it was cheaper, and offered it to me at the lower price. I thought it was a smart way to keep customers happy and make more sales.

    • @Enoch- Glad to hear it worked for you too! I was pretty pleased with the customer service person (and I am usually quite unimpressed by them), she seemed to know her stuff!

  3. Hey GYM! My experience was similar to yours. I found that it is definitely easier to negotiate when you are buying multiple appliances, as opposed to just one. Although this was not at Best Buy, I was able to fill an online shopping cart with the appliances I wanted at other stores, print out the lowest one, and take it to the store I ended up buying at (H.H. Gregg). Together with a manufacturer’s rebate offer, they more than price-matched I wound up getting a great deal!

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