Blogging in 2009 versus 2017: A Look at the Similarities and Differences 8 Years Later

Blogging in 2009 vs 2017

Technically, I’ve been around for a long time even though this blog was launched in 2017.  I, like many others starting a blog in 2017, have lofty aspirations, like making $100,000 a month blogging, just like Michelle Shroeder-Gardner. Actually, to be honest, I don’t really have those lofty aspirations, I just want to achieve what I achieved back then in 2009, which is starting a profitable blog that gave me a four figure income per month.  I didn’t realize how good I had it back then and sold the blog in 2012 because it was too much work and took too much time (at that time my relationship was crumbling and he felt I spent too much time on my blog- which admittedly was probably correct).

Let’s just say right now, that the four figure per month is not happening (yet?? Hopefully), but that’s okay, because I am learning new things (like Pinterest) and feeling connected again to fellow PF bloggers.  I have Internet friends again… and I even met a PF blogger Internet friend in person while in Hawaii, how cool is that (Mommy Finance)?

I thought it would be fun to compare what I find different between starting a blog in 2009 and staring a blog in 2017.

What’s the Same About blogging in 2009 and 2017?


Blogger Burnout Still Happens and Blogs Disappear

Blogging takes up a lot of time.

Starting this new site made me remember why I sold the previous site in the first place LOL.  It takes a LOT of time to build up the blog.  Blogging addiction ensues and then the next thing you realize, you are checking your stats (ahem, page views) almost compulsively on a few-times per day basis.  Your friends and family start to notice that you are spending a lot of time in front of the computer and then you go into this vicious cycle of wondering what you are doing in the first place… those aspirational dreams of monetizing your blog aren’t coming into fruition and you are spending an inordinate amount of time working towards something that seems so unachievable.

Yup, blogging takes a lot of work.  It’s no surprise why most bloggers quit within 6 months of starting a blog.

On example from 2009 of blogger burnout- I had a blogger friend who I really enjoyed chatting with in 2009, Escaping the Rat Race I think was his name, but the website is no longer there and I like to think that he’s escaped the rat race and is enjoying a margarita somewhere tropical right now.  He was probably one of the original Canadian “FIRE” bloggers without even knowing it!

There Will Always Be Bigger and Better Blogs Than You

Comparison is the thief of joy, and with a super saturated personal finance blog niche, there will always be bigger and better blogs compared to yours.  Blogs that start later than yours and seem to do much better.  Blogs that have much higher pageviews than yours.  Blogs that seem to make money much faster than yours.

If you go back to the real reason that you’re blogging- to feel connected with other personal finance bloggers, to be able to express freely your thoughts about money, to be able to share your deepest secrets about yourself and your money that your friends in real life don’t actually know about (for anonymous bloggers like myself), then you will continue to show up for your blog and your growing readership.  Also, scheduling posts ahead of time helps combat that blogger burnout!

Don’t feel bad about looking at the pins of “How I made $3569 in my first month of blogging!” or “How I Went from 0 to 350,000 Page Views in 15 days” because we are all on our own blogging journey-path.  😉

Some 2009 Bloggers are Still Here

There are some ‘oldie’ personal finance bloggers who are still here an it’s nice to see some old faces (or avatars haha).

I Still Suck at the Technical Side of Blogging

I remember spending hours upon hours of trying to fix something with the HTML of my site back then.  I just was not technologically proficient (and to be frank, I still am not).  I remember having to outsource tasks previously and even hired someone to redo my site design.  So far I haven’t had to do too much on this new blog but when I had the commenting issue fiasco (some people weren’t able to comment on my blog), I was still not able to figure it out and somehow it resolved itself (I think).  Let me know if it hasn’t!

Nonetheless, trying to figure out the technical side of blogging is still a fun skill to learn about even though it can take hours to just fix one issue.

Those Spam Comments are Still Coming!

Another thing that’s the same from 2009 to now is that those spam comments that seem to praise you most of the time and at other times, insult you, still come into your spam inbox.  I still enjoy reading them and continue to find them amusing.

Do you secretly enjoying reading them too?

What’s Different about Blogging in 2009 and 2017?


Marketing Your Blog Takes More Time

There seems to be much more marketing involved in 2017 compared to 2009.  One word- Pinterest.  There was NO Pinterest in 2009.  I recently semi-learned what Pinterest is and how it works (it is basically a search engine for images and ‘pins’) and why people seem to love it.  It has been fun creating graphics (albeit time intensive) with Canva.

It’s interesting to see what graphics on Pinterest gets clicked on (think: feminine, girly graphics with pink and white and macarons and peonies in the background).

I signed up and paid for a year of Tailwind because I had no idea I was pinning incorrectly and flooding boards with my pins.  Now with Tailwind’s pin scheduling service, it is much more reasonable as I schedule every few weeks.  Once I get the hang of something (sort of), Pinterest confuses me again because now there’s something called Tailwind Tribes.

I can’t keep up! Lol.

Instagram is another thing that takes some time.  The followers seem to come slowly and the follower count seems to ebb and flow with greater numbers (e.g. people follow you and you follow them back and then they unfollow you?!).  Also you can’t see if they follow you as easily as on Twitter.

Upping the Graphics and Images Game

As mentioned, the graphics and images game in 2017 blogging is upped to the max!  I find that I don’t click Twitter links as easily if there aren’t nice graphics to draw me into the click the blog link post.  Thankfully there are some stock images that are free on Pixabay and other sites.

I don’t think I’m uploading them properly though as they are still .jpg and I think they are supposed to be another format so that they don’t slow down the site as much.

Page Rank is Dead, I Think…but to Be Honest, I’m Not Sure

Back in 2009, the buzz word was Alexa and Page Rank.  Getting a good page rank was everyone’s goal and there were websites to check your page rank– the higher the number, the better.  I think since 2013, Page Rank is now dead (The Big G aka Google nixed it).  But to be honest, I’m not sure- remember what I said about me not knowing what the metrics for 2017 are?  It’s all new to me paying attention to this kind of stuff!

Rockstar Finance Replaced Financial Samurai Yakezie Alexa Challenge

Back in 2009, Financial Samurai launched and he started the Yakezie Alexa Challenge.  I joined the Yakezie Challenge back when he started it and as a group, the Yakezie Challengers all worked together linking to each other to increase the Alexa ranking.  In 2017, Alexa seems to have been bought out by Amazon (I’m not sure when) and I’m not sure if Alexa is important anymore to be honest!  Is it?!

In 2017, Rockstar Finance, started by J$ at Budgets are Sexy and recently purchased by ESI Money seems to have replaced the Yakezie from 2010 as a big amalgamation of personal finance bloggers.  It seems to be the gold standard to get mentioned by Rockstar Finance because of the large amount of traffic that it can generate to your blog.

There we have it, those are some of the differences that I see with blogging today compared to eight years ago.

So in conclusion, I was winging it blogging back in 2009 and I’m still seemingly winging it in 2017.  It’s almost been 6 months since I started and it takes a lot of time but I’m having fun 🙂

Readers, can you answer some of these questions and uncertainties I have about blogging in 2017? (For example, is Alexa still relevant?  And do you secretly like the Spam comments too?)

About genymoney

GYM is a 30 something millennial interested in achieving financial freedom through disciplined saving, investing, and living a minimalist lifestyle.

29 comments on “Blogging in 2009 versus 2017: A Look at the Similarities and Differences 8 Years Later

  1. Fascinating post GYM. What a perspective you have. I think I left a comment the other day that I would like to pick your brain about blogging. I don’t have to now since you just downloaded it from your brain. I’m not sure I can help you much with your questions. You know more than me.

    I started following some investing blogs back in 2009, then read the book ProBlogger. I thought about starting a blog in 2010, but I was just to busy with work to consider it. I jumped in like you in 2017. I agree about the saturation in the market and how hard it is to get noticed now.

    A couple observations:

    I read so much about Pinterest being the holy grail of blog traffic. I read and researched and think I got it. I pin routinely with BoardBooster 16 times per day and add manual pins frequently. I joined group boards in my niche. I gaining followers, but I find it doesn’t drive much traffic. And the traffic tends to be one page and exit. The traffic has also decreased rather than increase with time. Maybe my pins and content just aren’t “girly” enough?

    I just started twitter a couple weeks ago. I need to research more about it. I have just been hacking at it to this point. It does seem to drive traffic.

    Lastly, I haven’t focused much on monetizing yet. Google adsense being the sole source. I need to research and figure out a strategy now that my blog has some traffic. My goals are small. If I could bring in $500/month in blog revenue I’d be happy. That would equate to about 25 cents per hour….haha. It’s really just the challenge of it for me. And trying to write content that our enjoy and can benefit from.

    Thanks for the post. Loved it. Tom
    Tom @ Dividends Diversify recently posted…Do You Travel Abroad?My Profile

    • Agreed with Tom – very interesting post.

      Re: Pinterest, I’m still figuring it out. The collage of items on a board almost seems overwhelming to me when viewing items (regardless of whether or not I’m using it as a blogger or a non-blogger).

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

    • @Tom- Haha yes this is in response to your comment! It reminded me that someone might actually want to read my dinosaur perspective!

      I’ve seen some of your pins, I think they look great! But in my opinion, the content for Pinterest might be not as attractive for the demographic that uses Pinterest (mainly women)- I find there’s less interest about dividends and investing per se compared to let’s say- saving money on shopping at Walmart… or recipes! or How to get your child to sleep! (I totally pinned those and read those articles).

      Also, Pinterest is kind of like that- you might hit it BIG with a pin. People will repin it like crazy and read it and then it dies down. Depends on if the board you pinned on has a lot of traffic too.

      I love twitter- I find it fun to engage with others and it does drive traffic.

      Haha 25 cents per hour- I know what you mean, it’s a lot of blood-sweat but at the same time, it’s a fun hobby. I think it’s a great hobby/passion for those who are financially independent or those who have more time on their hands.

  2. Hi GYM!

    This was very insightful! Thank you for writing this up. And thanks Tom, for bringing up this blogging topic. Lol.

    When you mentioned you used to be young and thrifty (I think that’s what you said), I thought it was pretty cool! I used to go there for TFSA, RRSP, and any investing related topics for Canadians.

    Generally speaking, I love reading people’s blogs that are either finance/money related or inspirational/motivational. So, my fiance told me to consider starting one since I’m on my mobile 24/7 reading someone’s post (when I’m not working). I honestly thought he was NUTS when he told me to start because:

    1) It never crossed my mind (I was 1000000% sure I would never)
    2) I didn’t think I would ever be inspiring or helpful enough to anyone
    3) I never used any social media
    4) My writing really sucks
    5) I am super private and shy (that’s why I have a bitmoji)
    6) I am afraid of online trolls LOL

    But eventually I asked myself why am I forming all these limited beliefs about myself? Even if I have no one liking me or what I write about, at least I tried and know the result. That’s better than not trying and wondering what the outcome would’ve been, right? I tried to remove all those fears and just take a stab at it… and eventually……………… I started. HAHA!

    Idk how far I’ll go, but I’m hoping I will learn and grow throughout my blogging journey. So far, I learned quite a bit and I’m happy to have recently met people like you, Tom, Leo, and Damn Millennial! I’m also hoping that my writing will improve and that I will connect with other like-minded people. It’s my way to escape my office life where most of my co-workers think I’m crazy for thinking about saving/investing. They always tell me that I have all the time in the world to save and invest… too young for that $hit!

    And about monetizing, I’m not expecting much of that, especially when I’m new. So far, I only have adsense installed and don’t even pay attention to it haha. It would be nice if I can start making some money, but I’m more focused on improving my writing skills, learning social media, and getting to know other bloggers who are supportive. And of course, I’m really hoping that my writing will be inspiring and motivating to at least someone out there. So, one step at a time. 🙂

    There’s so much more that I can write about this, but I think I’m going to take up too much space on your board LOL! So I’ll end it here.

    So basically, it sounds like starting a blog today is easier in terms of marketing using social media and it doesn’t require as much technical skills as before. However, the hardest part is that competition seems to be creeping up a lot more… more often than not, the blogger stops their blogging journey.
    fin$avvypanda @ recently posted…5 Amazing Money Tips From a BillionaireMy Profile

    • @fin$avvy Panda- Thank you for your detailed and thorough comment! Yes, I was ‘Young and Thrifty’. Now not so young anymore sadly. Any posts you see as ‘Young’ was written by me! 🙂 I hired Kyle to write for me and then he ended up with the blog 🙂 It worked out well.

      I’m glad your fiancee encouraged you to start a blog! My husband also encouraged me to restart my blog (though he now gives me a bit of side-eye seeing how much time I spend on it). Yes, online trolls are awful and can be so mean! I had some on the previous blog, they even mentioned my housing purchase on Garth Turner and said I was stupid. I think I cried but got over it (especially when housing in Vancouver kept on going up haha).

      Blogging is really fun- but it takes a lot of work (as I’ve mentioned multiple times previously haha), but I really enjoyed doing it on the side of work because when you’re sick of work, you can focus on your blog, and when you’re burnt out from your blog you can focus on work. I think the secret to people sticking with their work is to have a fun hobby on the side that might generate some income.

      I think your pins look great too! They are a perfect length!

      Yes, you summarized blogging in 2017 perfectly- doesn’t require as much technical skill, much more social media involved, and much more saturated.

  3. Hi Gym, this is an excellent post. I like hearing about experienced bloggers thoughts, I use to read Young & Thrifty and the other blogs you mentioned back in 2009. I’m not sure I can help you much with your questions. I started my blog in 2017 and haven’t had any technical issues yet (Thankfully). 2018 I will tackle social media even though I know nothing about it.
    Happy New Year !!
    P.S. I have Akismet Anti Spam so I don’t see any spam comments. But now I want to go and read them.

    • @Steve- I have Akismet Anti Spam too and it’s in my ‘spam folder’ but I still like to review them. Today’s spam folder comment insulted me and mentioned that my page rank wasn’t so good so that was entertaining to read and delete.

      Awe that’s so cool you used to read Y&T back then! It’s like we are coming full circle lol!

      Happy New Year to you too! Social Media is fun though I’m learning it as well. I think Pinterest shouldn’t really be considered social media, it’s kind of like a search engine for visual marketing, but I believe there is an algorithm as Pinterest ‘suggests’ pins for the reader depending on what they pin.

  4. Welcome back to the blogging community! I too started the blogging thing in around 2008, and let it die almost right away because of the the social/marketing game. I still look back at my old twitter account and giggle. I can’t believe I still remember the username and password! Agree – nowadays, it has to be a partnership (or a support system) in order to work. My husband wasn’t on board back then, and figuring out the technical aspect sucked (I was on, now that makes me giggle even more!). It was his idea to get it started up these past couple of years, and then I didn’t give him my time or support! Of course, it wasn’t going anywhere. So, if you have a family, and full-time day jobs, it really does take 2 to make it work. We finally came up with a game plan, divided responsibilities and are truly treating it like a 3rd full-time job in our household that we share. We’ve been together as a couple for 15 years, and it’s brought us even closer together! He’s on Twitter (I’m not touching that!) and I’m on Pinterest (he’s not going there either!) and I usually post Mondays, him Fridays, and on Wednesdays we are committing to a shared post highlighting the work of our fav bloggers. Marketing (learning Pinterest?!) was such a curve ball for me too! I signed up for tailwind, and didn’t quite get it. BUT this past week I tried the tribes out. I scheduled everyone’s stuff in the tribe, really didn’t know what I was doing and shared 3 of my pins to the tribe. Holy crapola – they got 19 saves within hours. So, I need to get back on there. If I can figure out how to send an invite to a tribe – I’ll shoot one over to you! Overall, we are loving the blogging community…we have so many virtual friends that we talk about in our household like we’ve known them for years (such as Tom and fin$avvy panda above!) Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff in 2018!
    Mrs. Defined Sight recently posted…How Well Can You Stomach Losses?My Profile

    • @Defined Sight- I can’t believe you remember the password and username for your old Twitter too! That’s so great that you and your husband are working on the blog together and that you have very good defined roles! My husband wouldn’t really have the patience for this haha and he doesn’t see the payoff- he would find reading annual reports to be much better ROI of his time, but he DID subscribe to my blog which is nice haha. AND he wrote a post for me but it’s still sitting in my drafts as I’m not sure when I’m going to publish it yet.

  5. I’m curious if you feel like you will have better luck blending your blogging with your personal life this time around? I am relatively new and have been shocked at the time suck of the marketing aspect. It’s very addictive and I worry that it can quickly escalate into something that can take too much time away from family, friends or healthy pursuits. Any thoughts on ways that you are approaching it this time? Thanks

    • Simple answer don’t do it. blogging is a time suck which takes all you time, money attention and gives nothing back in return. It was bad in 2008 it’s gotten much worse now with social media. If you’re looking to make a difference in peoples lives join forums dedicated to your interest. Even now 8 years after I stopped blogging I’m still active on many forums. I never read blogs anymore (this one post being the exception – see next my comment)

      • Afterthought. A blog isn’t a (money making) business but it can be used to support one. My blog on the property guy Germany will support the main business model which is selling a book and real estate consulting services but it falls on the expense not income side of the ledger.

    • @CashflowKat- It is super addictive! I make sure I fit in family, friends, and health before the blog. I schedule my time to work out and basically have time to sit down on the computer after baby is asleep. Thankfully my husband is also an introvert and likes his alone time, so a lot of the time we will be both working on our own things, in our own little worlds, in the same room haha! I also don’t stay up late anymore on the blog because- hello sleep deprivation- baby wakes up at 5:30am to feed. So I probably spend 1-2.5 hours a day sitting down on the computer and other times on the phone with Twitter etc.

      • @CashFlow Kat- I just checked out your site- you are a mom too! I should ask you how you have been managing your time with the blog? 🙂

        • I am a mom, but I just sent my daughter to college this year and my younger son is almost 16! Most of my work is from home because my only “job” is managing our rental investment properties. So, I feel like I have a lot more free time than most of the bloggers I’m reading, but I’m still having a hard time swinging it. I try to keep up on social media and just that effort is taking me hours every day. It is fun and rewarding connecting with other bloggers, but then I also feel pressure to read the new posts and support the people who have been supportive of me. So, it’s the good and the bad of the community. Although it’s clear that without the community, my blog would practically be a private diary. I had this naive idea when I started that people would just search my terms (like “real estate investing for women”) and I would get visitors from organic searches. So it was a bit of a shock to realize that you need to build some traffic first (through social media) to get Google to notice your existence. Anyway…as I’ve been doing this, I have just marveled at the people working full time jobs, raising young children and blogging. I’m pretty sure I would have died. And I still might, but I’m going to keep at it for now because there’s nothing like trying to prove a teenager wrong (my son looked at me with pity and said “Mom, don’t blog. No one will read it.”) 🙂

          • @Cashflow Kat- Okay so you look really great!! Yes, I feel the same pressure too! I always read visitors who visit this site and comment. Hopefully I can keep it up. I think organic searches is still a viable option- that is a great niche. Yoast SEO plugin is good for that- I recently started using it and made most of my posts turn green (satisfied the OCD in me). Haha, OF COURSE your son said that- there’s nothing like the satisfaction of proving someone wrong. My sister and my boyfriend (at the time, now ex) also said no one would read my Young and Thrifty blog. Tell him people are reading your blog and also make him subscribe to your updates lol!

  6. I’m only commenting here because of your comment about technical skills. I’m in the process of launching an online business (investing in German Real Estate for non Germans – super niche) and I can tell you any blogger who says you can launch a website in 30 mins or less is talking out of their butthole, total BS. Plan on spending some serious coin building the back end of it or find partners who believe in you and your vision. By the time I’ve launched I’ll have spend a good 5000€ and that won’t include ongoing marketing costs. Trust me if 5 grand seems high it’s not I’ve done this on the cheap as I’ve found partners who believe in me and in my vision!

    Edit 1: yes you can launch a business on the cheap on Estay and like but only the top 1/1000 make any money
    Edit2: hope this come across as snarky but it’s hard to get the tone right on a web comment

    • @Rob- Thanks for sharing your experience! Yes, there are a lot of websites that blend a blog portion with their main business model. I think that blogs can be monetized and profitable but it is not always the case (more like the exception rather than the rule). It takes a lot of work, but I think it does give back- you feel connected with other PF bloggers. Of course, you can feel that connection with participating in forums too 🙂

      To be honest, before I started a blog (again) I didn’t read too many posts, but now that I have one it has encouraged me to read and comment again so that’s good 🙂

  7. So cool to have this unique perspective of blogging in the same niche at different times. I had a few blogs in the mid to late 2000s and I have no learnings because I didn’t do anything to grow them at all. They were just my own personal projects. I so wish I at least knew how many page views I got! I did, however, learn a few things from my last blog. Again, I did nothing to grow it–didn’t comment on other people’s blogs or tell anyone about it. My friend’s sister randomly found my blog because of Google image search–she was looking for a bag. So, always make sure you’re naming your image files something descriptive. I also was browsing Pinterest one day and saw someone pinned a pic from my blog! It was a simple outfit image, but was pinned over 400 times. It was then I discovered the scalability of Pinterest. With that said, I’m still not 100% sold that Pinterest is best for finding a laser-focused audience.

    I do remember how everything was just more rough around the edges back then. You didn’t have to be amazing at writing, or have perfect images, or have a nicely designed site. The bar has been raised so much now, because there are so many blogs. I kind of miss the old school blogging where stuff was more like a diary. I feel like diary-type content won’t fly these days.

    Wow, all that page rank stuff you mention just flies over my head! Like, what is that, really? And I do remember getting TONS of spam in WordPress before. It was kind of oppressive. Since I’ve switched comment systems it doesn’t happen before.
    The Luxe Strategist recently posted…Dear New York, Here Are 5 Things I Hate About YouMy Profile

    • @The Luxe Strategist- Yes! I just recently learned to name the images so they can be ‘searched’. Wow, pinned over 400 times, it’s no surprise because Luxe has style!!

      Yes you basically summed it up- if your site is not pretty, if the images are not very good, then the traffic won’t be coming as easily. The bar is very high now. I agree that diary type content won’t fly so much but it’s still nice to incorporate sometimes.

      Haha, I tried signing up for Disqus (at the influence of yourself), I swear, and then it asked for something complicated and I gave up. Perhaps I’ll try once more if WordPress comments goes on the fritz again.

  8. I met Kyle last year at FinCon and was REALLY confused because I used to read you waaaay back in the day and I remembered that … but … Kyle was a dude! And that really didn’t make any sense 🙂

    The blog world is a bit crazier and shinier now but I think the blogging world with Rockstar is a vast improvement over the Alexa obsessed group days, for lots of reasons but mostly because J$ created a true and valuable resource, not something that was just about chasing metrics. I dabbled a little in Pinterest but that was it, I still don’t give my time to Instagram or Tailwind because focusing AGSL down to JUST one or two focused topics (which is one way to ensure better monetizing) is just not my bag. If I can’t write about everything and anything, it’s hardly going to be any fun for me, and it’ll just be (unpaid) work 😀

    I hope you’re here to stay, this round!
    Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life recently posted…Just a little (link) love: hakuna matata editionMy Profile

    • @Revanche- Lol! Now it is all making sense, right? Pinterest is actually kind of fun to design pictures but yeah, since I got Tailwind I haven’t been spending that much time on it. My favourite is Twitter of course. I think money relates to everything in our lives so posting about everything and anything is pretty relevant for AGSL and this blog too! I hope I’m here to stay, this round too! I should get pointers on work-life balance from you with a toddler!! I imagine there will be less time than having an infant. 😉

  9. Happy New Year! You have been blogging for 8 years, that’s quite an achievement and aspiration! It needs a lot of discipline and persistence to stay on the course. My blog is 7 weeks old. Many times I was asking myself: do I want to continue or just stop there? I’m still hanging there, and try to figure out what I like to do.

    • @Helen- Happy New Year to you too! Don’t worry I’ve asked myself that plenty of times in 2009 and this time around in 2017 too. If you stay the course for 6 months you should be good. One thing that really helps me is having posts scheduled ahead of time. If you need to take a break to stack up some posts that might help you feel less overwhelmed.

  10. Interesting Post. I am still lost with the marketing aspect. I think mostly because I have very limited time. For now, I am just enjoying the ride and trying not to get stressed out over the whole thing. Hopefully in 10 months or so when my work contract is up I can devote more time to the blogging endeavor, since it is a lot of fun.
    Turning Point Money recently posted…Goals for 2018My Profile

    • @TPM- I agree blogging is a lot of fun. I read somewhere that blogging is now 20% content and 80% marketing. Makes some sense as if you write good content and no one knows about it, then that’s not going to bring traffic 🙂 Looking forward to reading more Turning Point Money!

  11. This was a fascinating read. I’m coming up on my 6 month mark on my blog, but I’ve been reading PF blogs since sometime in 2010/2011 (remember Ninja at punchdebtintheface? He’s who started it all for me). My goals so far have been about connecting with other PF folks and to stay accountable, both of which have been wildly successful. Easier to have that success than big giant financial gains though 😉

    • @Angela- YEESSSSS DebtNinja at Punch Debt in the Face!! I used to get him mixed up with Budgets Are Sexy. I miss him and his stick figures! I hope he is doing well.

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