Checkout 51 Review: Perfect for the Lazy Couponer Like Me

WHat is checkout 51?

Checkout 51 Review

Checkout 51 is a money saving app and a website that is quite genius and was founded in Toronto, to be used the next time you buy groceries (or used afterwards when you submit your receipt).  Checkout 51 is not brand spanking new and has been running since 2012.  It is available in both Canada and the United States.  It was founded by three entrepreneurs (one of which is the son of The National Post) and has a team of over 60 running the website and app.  Now they are based in New York.

The great thing about Checkout 51 is that you can still save money without always having the coupon on hand at the checkout counter or worrying about coupons expiring.  It’s very low effort for the savings that you can get.


Every Thursday you get a new list of savings for the week.  You scroll down to see the offers and you can save them for later when you do your weekly grocery shopping.

The offers vary and there are plenty of offers, sometimes it’s $2.00 for Pamper’s Swaddlers or saving $0.25 on bananas or even a chance win $500 on any grocery trip over $60.  You just have to upload your receipt (show the name of the grocery store and the date) and then click on the items that you purchased.

To me, it works easiest on an app with my iPhone but you don’t an app for it and can upload the receipts using your computer webcam.

Then after you submit your receipt, Checkout 51 sends you an email to let you know they are processing your receipt.  Within 48 hours, you will know whether your receipt was approved or not.  Once the receipt is approved you will get a credit to your account.  Let’s say you bought bananas and was approved for $0.25.  The $0.25 will be in your account and once you submit enough receipts with approved offers and hit the magic $20.00 they will send you a cheque for $20.00.

I have yet to get a $20.00 cheque yet but over half way there and it’s exciting and strangely satisfying- kind of like a delayed gratification kind of thing.

HOW CHECKOUT 51 makes money

You might be wondering how Checkout 51 makes money.  Well, Checkout 51 charges a fee to the brands offering the deal, because the deal is only good for a week, brands and brand marketing are able to see the consumer data much faster than a traditional coupon campaign would run.

stacking coupons with checkout 51

The other great thing about Checkout 51 other than its ease of use is that you can stack coupons.  You can bring your coupons and use them, AND continue to get Checkout 51 discount/ redemptions.  Talk about win-win!

Case in point- Pampers Swaddlers diapers at Superstore.

  • PC Points gives you 2000 points for Pampers Swaddlers if you load your offers and that’s equivalent to about $2.00 off.
  • You have a $2.00 manufacturer coupon for Pampers Swaddlers
  • You check off the $2.00 off offer through Pampers Swaddlers on the Checkout 51 app

That’s $6 in savings!  Mind-blowing 🙂

WHY CHECKOUT 51 is the Cat’s Meow

  • They have a Help Desk and they get back to you to approve your receipt very quickly and you can see the value in your account very quickly.
  • As mentioned, using Checkout 51 is very low fuss and low effort, and you don’t have to look like an Extreme Couponer to save money on your groceries at the checkout counter
  • Sometimes they offer $0.25 when you buy eggs, or bread, or bananas for example, and it’s not simply marketed/ packaged goods or brands
  • You can use it at Costco, use it with Food Stamps (I guess this would be more relevant in the United States?), and even Amazon.
  • Somehow it satisfies the weird goal setting part of me that wants to cash out on that $20.00 and reach that number!
  • Someone in 2014 from Vancouver cashed out $1000 worth and bought himself a television, as mentioned on Checkout 51’s Facebook page.

I should be able to get the well earned $20.00 within a few months and I only signed up about 5 months ago.  We definitely don’t buy very many packaged goods (mainly whole, real foods) and packaged supplies so this is not too bad progress in my opinion!

Update:  It took me 6 months to get my first $20 cheque since downloading the Checkout 51 because we don’t buy many packaged goods.  It was great to save money on Pampers Swaddlers diapers.

Readers, have you tried Checkout 51 yet? What do you think of it?

Checkout 51 Review

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4 comments on “Checkout 51 Review: Perfect for the Lazy Couponer Like Me

    • @Mrs. Picky Pincher- Yes agree- that’s why it’s taken me forever to get to $20 payout (which I haven’t gotten yet LOL). That’s the thing about coupons in general, not the healthiest! They do occasionally have the $0.60 coupon towards bananas and fresh produce. So far it’s been helpful for diaper coupons 🙂

  1. You know, this is actually something that can be very helpful to your typical consumer who buys a lot of pre-packaged goods. I think I’ll give it a go and see what my savings (earnings?) are. I love experimenting with money making or money saving methods, especially if they’re free. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

    • @Darren- Let me know how you like it! Maybe you will get to the $20 payout before I do lol. I’m at $17, so close, yet so far!

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