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One of the best things about being pregnant other than feeling the kicks of growing baby is getting free baby stuff!  It’s amazing how many freebies you can get during pregnancy and it’s great too since it really helps you save on the costs associated with preparing for your baby’s first year.

Here is a list of some free swag that you can sign up for during your pregnancy, in no order of importance or significance:


The Baby Box Co.

  • Baby Box University is an initiative to provide education improve safety (decreasing the risk of SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) for newborns.  The Baby Box came from a Finnish tradition. The boxes are distributed at certain centres (for me in Vancouver, it was a baby ultrasound clinic) but you have to finish a “Baby Box University” program which takes a few minutes of reviewing videos and answering some quizzes to test your knowledge.
  • You then get a certificate and you can pick up your Baby Box.  The Baby Box is great, it can replace buying a bassinet.  The box has a little mattress and a mattress cover.  It came with a package of Pampers newborn diapers, wipes, a pacifier, coupons, some baby oil or wash, and even a little onesie that says “Remember to ‘bee’ safe and lay me down to sleep on my back zzzz”.  There were other things but I forgot what they were, to be honest!  Here’s how to get a Baby Box in British Columbia in 3 Easy Steps.

Newborn Huggies Diapers and Wipes

  • This is probably the best baby freebie.  With the “No Baby Unhugged” Program, Huggies mails you a package of 32 newborn diapers with a small package of Huggies Natural Care wipes.  Here’s the link to sign up.  Of course, 32 newborn diapers don’t last very long, maybe three days, but still it’s not bad at all!  They mail you a package within a few weeks.  If you have multiple emails or even friends you can mail a package to, it will really save on the cost of newborn diapers!  (Perhaps this is the reason why it’s so hard to find bulk large packages of newborn diapers!)
  • Newborn diapers are suitable if your baby is under 10 lbs.

London Drugs Free Baby Gift Box

  • Though London Drugs is only located in Western Canada (with British Columbia and Alberta being the predominant provinces), this is still a nice gift if you have a London Drugs near you.  The London Drugs Baby Welcome Package comes in a cute little box and has lots of trial size free samples including some baby wipes, a package of Kleenex, nursing pads (though just one or two), moisturizing cream, and other great things.  All you have to do is go to this page to sign up, and they will email you back a certificate to redeem at the customer service desk at your local London Drugs.  You can also sign up in store at the customer service desk too.

Babys “R” Us Free Gift Bag with Samples and Coupons

  • When you sign up for The Baby Registry and put a certain number of items in your registry (I think it was fifteen or so) you will get a free gift bag filled with samples and coupons.
  • I signed up for the Baby Registry even though I didn’t have a baby shower and didn’t want people to look at the baby registry.
  • The gift bag was great, included some safety gear, some free samples or trial sized cetaphil baby oil, a pacifier, a package of diapers, a package of wipes, and a lot of other great things.  When you add 25 items to your registry, you will get a $25 coupon on your next purchase of $50 or more (pretty much 50% off which can be unheard of at Babys R Us).
  • I used that $25 coupon to buy nursing pads, and a baby grooming kit which included baby nail clippers, a thermometer and other useful baby grooming stuff!

Cetaphil Baby $5 Coupon

  • You can join the Cetaphil Parents Club and get a $5 coupon for Cetaphil Baby products which include a wash and shampoo, daily lotion, moisturizing oil, and ultra moisturizing wash.  The Cetaphil Baby products include certified organic calendula which is a marigold extract and can be very soothing for baby.  These contain zero parabens.  The Cetaphil Baby Moisturizing Oil is rated well on the Healthy Living app by the Environmental Working Group (which means it is a top choice for baby oils and there are minimal cancer or developmental concerns with the ingredients in the product).

Nestle Baby Program

  • With the Nestle Baby Program you can get $45 worth of free coupons (some were for Kleenex, photography sessions, Oxiclean, generally stuff I wouldn’t use but it’s nice anyway), a Good Start ‘premixed’ formula, powdered Good Start formula, a baby bottle, and a Cetaphil baby shampoo and body wash.  If you’re certain you are going the formula route, this a great deal, if you’re uncertain but want back up just in case milk supply is an issue or breast feeding is an issue, this is a great to have as back up as well.
  • The Good Start 1 Baby formula (already premixed and sterilized) was really good to have because we topped up with formula in the very beginning until my milk was established.  We used up all of the bottles (there are four in a box)
  • Also we use the Cetaphil baby shampoo and body wash and it is great, we use it for baby GYM’s bath time and it has a nice scent.

Similac Baby Club

  • When you join the Similac Club, you get up to $160 worth in free gifts, specifically free samples for babies, rebate cheques, and an exclusive Similac starter pack.  Here’s what was mailed to me including some coupons.  I haven’t used any of these but have them on hand just in case.
  • They continue sending coupons periodically in the mail.  Initially there were three $10 coupons, now a few months later, there are three $5 coupons that they mail you.  Great to get these Similac coupons if you’re using formula since buying formula can be very expensive.

Readers, have you scored other baby freebies that is not on this list?  If so, please share!

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