How to Get Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back While Your Baby Naps (For Free)

As I am writing this (frantically, might I add- you never know when baby will wake up!!) my baby is napping.  After about six to eight weeks, you and your baby will get into a nice routine (on most days, anyways) and you might feel that you can actually try and do stuff while your baby naps.

Like try and get your pre-pregnancy body back, 30-60 minute increments at a time.

If you’re one of the lucky mamas who doesn’t need to work out, and breast feeding basically gave you back your pre-pregnancy body, then this post isn’t for you.

But if you are wanting to work out (and aren’t a rich celebrity who has a ‘helper’ to take care of the baby while you work out 7 days a week at the gym) then read on, mama!

My doctor recommended that I don’t start working out until six weeks (I had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery), which allows for the body to heal after the trauma of child birth.  If you had a C-section, you would have to wait much longer (you don’t want those sutures to pop open!), and check with your OB/family doctor/ midwife.  I started right at the six week mark.

Although I was lucky enough to weigh the same as before pregnancy after about six weeks (when all the fluid and swelling leaves the body)- though I think this is mainly due to muscle atrophy rather than fat loss.  My butt disappeared.  I also have an obvious ‘pooch’ or a ‘muffin top’ (along with that linea nigra which seems to accentuate my pooch) and loose clothes are more comfortable.  Now, I didn’t have six pack abs or anything before getting pregnant, and I don’t intend to get six pack abs as a new mom, but it would be nice to fit in working out and staying healthy (for mind and body).

To work out and stay healthy, I could go to a baby yoga class, but when I am half awake from sleep deprivation in the mornings (being woken up at 2:47 am, 5:43 am, 6:43 am, 7:54 am often to feed your baby and soothe him or her can be exhausting to say the least), I don’t have the energy to drag my butt out for baby yoga class. I learned that monthly yoga classes weren’t for me.

I would rather workout on my own time.  I am able to squeeze in exercise a few days a week…I work out about 3-4 times a week and anywhere from about 20-30 minutes at a time.  I learned that the best time to work out is when your baby is taking a daytime nap, or when my husband is home and he’s able to be with baby while I go for a quick 30 minute run or bike ride.

Here are some workouts you can do while your baby naps, or is awake (and they are free!).

how to workout (with baby)

Working Out While Baby naps

So, the secret is to get your baby to nap.

I put my baby in his baby swing and roll out my yoga mat and work out beside him.  I get him all comfortable in the baby swing first preferably he falls asleep then I turn on my Youtube video of choice.  Of course, if you’re one of the lucky moms who has a baby who can sleep in their bassinet or crib during the day, then you can skip to the next part.  We got our baby swing loaned from a friend, initially our baby didn’t like it and cried despite putting it to MAX SWING but he seems to like it now.  Thank goodness we didn’t get rid of it to make more room because we are in 450 square feet with a baby.

Another way to workout with baby is to utilize your baby carrier.  For us, our baby couldn’t fall asleep during the day AT ALL in the first few weeks unless he was in a baby carrier, the Baby Bjorn.  We would have to rock/ jiggle/ or squat with the carrier strapped on and then he would fall asleep blissfully for his nap.

If you want to work out in the 30 minutes or so after feeding and while he’s awake, I’ve rolled out my yoga mat beside his play gym and we both work out.  He does his tummy time while I do my workout beside him.  There will be interruptions (especially if your baby hates tummy time like mine) as you turn the baby on back and stomach depending on how baby tolerates tummy time.  This is better for a shorter workout, like 15-20 minutes.  Some days I can’t finish a workout at all and just have to wait until my husband comes home to watch the baby while I finish my workout.


free home workouts you can do post-partum to get your pre-pregnancy body back


CARiFiT with Vern Hill

This Whole Body Burn Workout really really gives you a whole body burn.  I was sore for two days after this workout and it’s only 25 minutes.  The best thing is this is a BABY CARRIER WORKOUT, meaning while I was working out, I had my baby in the Baby Bjorn and he fell asleep while I was working out.  You just have to make sure the carrier is safe for working out with the baby.  The only downside was that I couldn’t shower until he woke up and I fed him since he was in the Baby Bjorn.  Who knew that doing lunges with 12 lbs strapped to your chest can give you such a post-workout burn!

BabyFit by Amy

I followed Amy’s videos for prenatal when I could only do low-impact exercises, and exercised up until delivery.  She has great videos and she’s not annoying (you know how some exercise videos can be annoying when they talk to much? Or sound like they are really pushing you?).  She herself was pregnant in the videos so it was great.

For post natal workout videos, she had a C-section and has a great post-natal exercise (which was low impact, and the first exercise video I followed after delivery).  BabyFit by Amy has a video on working out with baby in the carrier as well.  She also has a a video on exercises to do with your baby of any age (her baby is ridiculously cute).

Fitness Blender

I’m a HUGE fan of Fitness Blender and regularly used Fitness Blender before I got pregnant, even.  They have lots of inspirational before and after pictures on their Instagram account.  There are lots of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts that are under 30 minutes like this one:  Ultimate HIIT Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily – Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Workout.  Fitness Blender don’t have any postpartum or prenatal exercise videos per se, but I find their HIIT workouts great, and you see results quickly with less time (don’t need to be working out for 90 minutes at a time).  I just worked out to this video today while my baby was in his swing falling asleep.

other things you can do to get your pre-pregnancy body back

Of course, there are other things you can do the get your pre-pregnancy body back, in addition to working out, like eating healthy.  This is easier said than done, and I don’t have enough will power to stop eating cupcakes and pound cakes, and nutella on toast for breakfast because breastfeeding makes me hungry and craving sugar.

If you are breast feeding, you will need to consume more calories than when you are pregnant (about 500kcal more).  I didn’t realize this until I started feeling ravenous and HANGRY, more so than when I was pregnant.  I am still craving ice cream (though not as much) postpartum.

Another thing you can do to get your pre-pregnancy body back is to go for walks, lots of walks with your stroller or with your baby carrier.  This is good for the mind, body, soul, AND baby.  Win, win, win.

Jogging is good too if you have a jogging stroller and if your baby is old enough.  However, given that we were too frugal to purchase a baby stroller, since we spent only $500 preparing for this baby, I will just have to make do without one.

Mamas, do you have any other Youtube videos that you would recommend for postpartum workouts?  

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22 comments on “How to Get Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back While Your Baby Naps (For Free)

  1. Very good information for moms with babies. Yeah, it’s a tough job being a parent of a baby. Not enough time to sleep, work out, cook, eat, or run errands. Priority is totally changed. Staying fit is great. It helps both physically and mentally. That reminds me that, I got to get up and exercise more.

  2. I’m totally down with your nap time work out plans, but girlfriend, buy the jogging stroller! Buy it from eBay or Craigslist If you want to save a little money. I promise, you will get more exercise in your life and enjoy the flexibility of being able to take baby with you on a run (instead of always having to switch off with your husband) – the money spent will be worth it! Sorry for being a tad too aggressive about this opinion, but I’m pretty sure my jogging stroller helped keep me sane 😂

    • @Kat- Lol! Aren’t jogging strollers only to be used for 6 months and up? I wrote this post a bit earlier (I think 8 weeks postpartum) so had to figure out a different way to work out. My sister in law has a Bob jogging stroller so I’ll see we can borrow it to see if I like it. Thanks, and don’t worry about sharing your opinion- that’s what blogging is about!

    • @The Luxe Strategist- Haha, I hope so too! I did an ab exercise while the lights were dim in the hotel room while the baby was napping two days ago and they are still sore from the workout. From my perspective, the blog baby I think takes more time than a real baby!! At least the real baby naps and sleeps lol.

    • @Caroline- Three children- I don’t know how you did it- I can’t fathom. Maybe this post will be obsolete after baby 2 later on, no chance for a workout with a toddler running around!

  3. Great that you found ways to workout and have time to do it too. Baby with Cents is turning 2 soon and I’m finally getting into a workout routine while Mother with Cents is trying to get back into some sort of routine as well by taking Baby with Cents around the park on the stroller. Before that, our workouts consists of walking around in Costco with Baby with Cents on a carrier, lol!
    Kris recently posted…Ways I Workout Without A Gym MembershipMy Profile

    • @Kris- Wonderful! A 30+ lb baby in a carrier is a crazy workout. You should totally try that Carifit workout with the baby in the carrier, it is BRUTAL. Imagine doing lunges with Baby with Cents on a carrier at Costco. And it gets harder as the baby gets bigger too haha.

  4. Awesome job getting the workouts in!

    Yikes – and I feel your pain on those breast feeding hours. I swear my kid slept the best from 5am – 9am…when the rest of the waking world is starting and I’m up too! Uggh.

    It’ll get easier. Now I anticipate waking up at some point during the night with a toddler sleeping on my head.

    My kid started being my lil fitness coach! He’s randomly like, “mommy – time to squat with me” and makes me pick him up and squat or do lunges. Hello extra burn from holding a 44lb kid! I need to work on building up more muscle because I don’t last long!

    Thanks for sharing your tips!

    • @Mrs. DS- Awe that is so cute, you’ve got your own cute fitness coach who gives adorable smiles for motivation!! A 44lb kid sounds very heavy- this is what is in store for me, eh? Our baby is almost 20lbs and I find him very heavy to hold already.

  5. Hey GYM,

    Awesome post – I’m a huge fan of fitness. Even though I’m a guy and can’t get pregnant, I had completely forgotten about HIIT workouts, which I used to do. So I’m really glad you mentioned them, now I can’t wait to burn those extra calories!


  6. I love your post. Even though I’m not a mom, i need to see more work out posts to help me stay motivated. If only I work out as much as I spend time on this blog. I admit I was working out quite often but that has reduced since I went live with this blog in November. I feel like I need to figure out some balance right now. The workout thing is always on my mind because I know myself that I’m not doing it as often. It bothers me quite a bit…

    But overall, good for you! I’m sure you’ll reach your fitness goals plus the abs!!! 😊
    fin$avvy panda @ recently posted…5 Reasons Why Starting a Blog Will Change Your Life FinanciallyMy Profile

    • @fin$avvy panda- I read on another blog that you work out FIVE TIMES A WEEK!! You must have six pack abs! Yeah blogging really takes up time. I’m going to start setting limits on my blogging time haha. I prioritize working out over blogging though (but I only work out 3 times a week) on the days that I have a workout scheduled.

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