GYM Net Worth Update November 2017: $648,700 (+1.6%)

November Net Worth Update

When the stock market is rallying, I think that everyone is in a good mood and looks forward to doing their net worth updates!  After a long day of grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning spit up, meeting a friend’s baby earlier in the day… I finally got some time to myself at 10pm.  I looked forward to my ‘introvert’ time at the end of the day, or really my net worth review time haha!

So here it is!

My YTD return for my investment portfolio is just above 11% which is astounding for me.  The snowball is starting to roll and get bigger.  The S&P/TSX Composite index is up 4.79% YTD and the S&P500 YTD is 15.59%.

One of my 2017 personal finance goals is to have $6000 dividend income annually.  I have about $1800 left for the year, so I am not going to make my goal.  But on the brighter side, my forward annual yield is $6000 (I will need to double check next month).  If you’re interested in signing up for a free download of the dividend income spreadsheet tracker that I use (thanks to my husband’s Excel handy-work, since I embarrassingly don’t know how to use Excel), sign up here!

Major Purchases:

I spent more on my dog than I did on myself this month.  First of all there was a $200 vet bill.  Then there was two big bags of dog food ($200- he can’t eat the Purina Chow stuff, he eats grain free free range boar or something like that).  Then there is $200 for a pet sitter.

Another major purchase was for the blog.  I signed up for a paid annual subscription for Tailwind which set me back $120.  I am going all out with the spending on this blog LOL.  So far, I saw a huge hit of traffic and then it’s died down a bit again, but I’m just going to keep waiting for this so-called Tailwind tsunami.  It does save me a lot of time though, and I like the interface.

I also like creating pins, it’s kind of fun (I know, you probably want to punch me in the face.  I’m not saying my pins are nice or Pinterest friendly, I just like creating pins haha).

We signed up for Amazon Prime (the free 30 day trial) to buy diapers, and then it’s been too easy to buy things off Amazon.  Little things, like an Anker battery pack for my phone, a new lightning cable for my iPhone, doggy poop bags, a new nursing bra… I need to cut myself cold turkey before the 30 day free trial is up- it’s way too easy to spend money with Amazon Prime!

My Goal Progress:

I have over $351,000 left to go to reach my goal of net worth of $1,000,000 by age 40.  I don’t include my defined benefit pension contributions in this value but I do have it as a back up to use in case I can’t make my target, lol.  I have an over five year time frame for this, not trying to disclose my exact age or anything haha.  Not entirely unachievable, I hope!

I joined the Rockstar Finance Directory, check out my progress, converted to US dollars, there!

Baby GYM’s Networth: $17,100 (+3.3%)

We set up an RESP for Baby GYM and he’s doing great!  I don’t include this in my net worth of course.  We got the $500 CESG grant from the government (this probably is making the RESP even BETTER compared to the TFSA, in my eyes!  Free money!), and he’s got paper gains of $90.

Okay, so here’s the breakdown for November 2017: $648,700 (+$10,000) (+1.6%)



CASH: $89,000 (+3.9%)

  • I added up my chequing and savings accounts.
  • One of my savings accounts is a Tangerine account, if you want $50, feel free to use my Orange Key 33530953S1 from now until January 31 2018 you can get $50 for opening up a Tangerine account (minimum fund is $100) and I will get $50 too (thanks!)!  Usually the promotion is just $25.

Non-Registered: $87,650 (+2.2%)

  • These are stocks that capture the “moment in time”, including unrealized gains and losses

RRSP and TFSA: $149,800 (+3.0%)

  • I have a TD e-series RRSP and a Questrade RRSP.  If you’re interested in learning how to build your own ETF portfolio or invest through TD e-series index funds, take the Young Money Bootcamp eCourse 🙂
  • I max out my RRSP annually, and I have a smaller contribution limit because of my defined benefit pension
  • I max out my TFSA annually, and it is over $70,000 right now, it will be very exciting the day that my TFSA account reaches over $100,000.
  • I signed up for a TFSA in 2009 with Questrade (a self-directed account) and have been using this since then
  • If you are interested in signing up for a Questrade account (referral alert!) (no fee for registered accounts, free to purchase ETFs, you can get $50 in free trades if you sign up below)

Get $50 in free trades.

HOME: $413,000 (0.0%)

  • This is the municipality assessed value.  In previous updates, I just listed the purchase price but thought I might as well start fresh and use the assessed value.
  • I plan to update this value on an annual basis
  • I am planning to rent it out or sell it in two years.  The rental rates have been going up in Vancouver (as well as condo prices).  Apparently a 1 Bedroom can be rented for $2000 a month now (average price in Vancouver), crazy!  I’ll have a post on this soon.

CAR: $13,900 (0.0%)

  • I updated it for 2016-2017 with the Canadian Black Book price and will update it again July 2018 (annually)
  • I bought the car new in cash because the new car price and the used car price were only different by a few hundred dollars
  • Cars depreciate once you drive it off the lot!


Credit Cards: $650

  • I pay off my full amount every month
  • So far I have redeemed $440 for 2017 with the MBNA World Points World MasterCard
  • I usually have a few credit cards on the go but so far for 2017 I have only been using this one (for myself), and for our joint credit card I use the PC Financial MasterCard

Mortgage: $104,000 (-1.1%)

  • I pay an extra mortgage payment a month- I am going to stop this starting from now as I need cash and liquidity.

Readers, how did you do with your update this month?  

Do you have Amazon Prime?  What do you think of it?  

Do you have Tailwind?  What do you think of it?  

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GYM is a 30 something millennial interested in achieving financial freedom through disciplined saving, investing, and living a minimalist lifestyle.

20 comments on “GYM Net Worth Update November 2017: $648,700 (+1.6%)

  1. Ok so first off, I’m not the only one who “relaxes” by updating his net worth and working on his finances??

    Also does the stock market rocking it out this year kinda scare you for some time in the next few years. My mind is going back and forth between not being scared of corrections, and trying to Time the market (usually doesn’t work).

    I can’t wait to follow the progress to a million! And good job to baby GYM for killing it with that net worth !

    • @Gabe- Haha, it’s SOO therapeutic! Just sitting down, crunching the numbers. The time just flies when I calculate and work on my finances.

      Yes, it totally scares me, the correction is coming but don’t know when… soon probably. We should form a support group called “No I will not sell everything, I will buy more” when it happens.

  2. Our net worth saw a ‘spike’ in October since we finally closed on our house, so the money we’d put down I finally feel comfortable tracking, and the appraised value was significantly more than our final purchase price.

    On the other numbers side, our liquid cash went down but investments went up to negate that. Overall just kind of treading water for a little while as we deal with some must-have expenses with the house (like blinds and gutters and all that stuff). Good fun 🙂
    Dave at Married with Money recently posted…Time is Your Best AllyMy Profile

  3. I signed up for the 30 day trial for amazon prime because I wanted to get my new phone cover quickly. I thought I would take advantage of it but I cancelled it today(before it renewed) and I didn’t buy anything else. Seems like I just wasted it:(
    What exactly does Tailwind do for you and is it worth the money?
    We did the RESP for our three kids and so far the grant and the growth has paid for 6 years combined of university:) What are you invested in? I have been very conservative with it. Great update.

    • @Caroline- You can always open another Prime trial with another person in your family (I think that might work, but i haven’t tried).

      Tailwind (now I’m no expert) helps you schedule your ‘pins’ on Pinterest so that they happen at the times when most people are online and ‘pinning’. I’m not sure if it’s worth the money so far, I haven’t seen a huge spike in traffic yet. One day a pin went ‘viral’ and I got 50 page views, but most days it’s just 2-10. Maybe most people say it’s good because there’s an affiliate component to it.

      Wonderful that the RESP worked out so well for you. For the RESP, we have 40% TD e-series and 60% is TBD. What did you have in your RESP?

      • We set it up with a global balanced mutual fund and never changed it. We probably should have but a little late now.
        With Christmas around the corner, I may try to have one of my daughters sign up for the free trial, good thinking.

        • @Caroline- Oh I see, yeah, I had mutual funds too before, but now I just DIY. Amazon for Christmas would be great- skip the madness at the malls!

    • @Kris- Yes, that’s very true- I check my asset allocation quarterly, so will try and match my target allocation again next month. Hopefully it will be a bull market until 2018 at least!

  4. Nice progress GYM! I don’t think there is anything wrong with getting excited seeing the market go up. Just as long as when the market goes down you get excited to buy some things on sale! I might be late to the party but how old are you for some context on making it to your $1 million goal by 40? Thanks for sharing.
    Damn Millennial recently posted…Market Monday: Goldman Sachs & BitcoinMy Profile

    • @Damn Millennial- I am 34 (is that considered mid thirties?? 🙁 ) so in another 6 years hopefully! That’s true, I’ll totally be buying the dividend companies if there was a ‘sale’ 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing your net worth update! Impressive results! Even though my portfolio is much smaller than yours, I look forward to my introvert time to review my net worth progress and dividend income too lol. I’m interested to hear your Pinterest results from using Tailwind. I used the free trial and enjoyed the platform as well. Although, I feel like I still need to build more content first. And I need to improve my Pinterest images. Oh, and I don’t have Amazon Prime. Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    Reverse the Crush recently posted…Here’s the 5th Dividend Income Update, Old Sport!My Profile

    • @Reverse the Crush- Haha, right? Introvert/ alone time is so crucial (for us introverts). So far, it’s been underwhelming but perhaps I’m not pinning enough or I need to go on new group boards. As mentioned there was a nice bump one day (one of the pins went slightly viral) but other than that it’s been about the same. I wanted to mention that your Pinterest images are great!

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