GYM PF Blog Round Up: Waiting for Baby Edition

Here’s another edition of the GYM PF Blog Round Up, because you know what?  Baby is not here yet.  I was sure that baby would arrive early well before the due date and even took vacation before my maternity leave.  Well, the baby is well done in the oven now and fully cooked.

While waiting for the baby so far, I have been quite productive and I suppose it’s my way of nesting.  It’s been nice to spend some good quality time with my husband (he also took time off work) while waiting for baby too.  I have also been eating some form of ice cream (without any guilt I might add) on a daily basis which is not a bad way to spend the summer.

Here are some great blogs that I have read over the week, varying in topics from children, travel, investing, and saving money on wedding dresses!

PF Blog round up:


Budget on a Stick has a great post on being frugal with kids, 10 Things to Help Make Kids Cheaper.  Our plan is to never take our kid to Babys R Us or Toys R Us lol.  Garage sale toys for the win!

The Three Year Experiment has a wonderful post on Why You Should Spend Money on Travel.  Laurie is preaching to the converted!  I love travel and it feels so long since our trip to Iceland in the spring.  I’m already trying to plan our next trip with baby in tow.

Boomer and Echo has a post on Comparing Birthday Parties for Kids: Gymnastics Centre or McDonalds.  The cost difference is quite huge and parents are a big fan of McDonald’s too! He’s setting the trend.  Once you start with those laser tag parties or movie theatre parties that cost $300+ each birthday, I imagine it will be hard to stop.

Freedom 35 Blog (aka Liquid Independence) shares his 6 month Lending Loop Update, on his investment with Peer 2 Peer (P2P) Lending, which has made him 4.2% so far in the first half of the year.  Not bad at all!

The Luxe Strategist bought her Wedding Outfits from eBay and saved big time.  I love the shoes, they are gorgeous.  I bought my Badgley Mischka shoes from Nordstrom Rack online and am thankful I didn’t pay full price because I’m still trying to get rid of them.  Though I do take them out of the box to admire them from time to time.

The Frugal Gene has a crazy comprehensive report of her blogging endeavours on month three.  The detail is amazing!

Happy reading!

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    • @Liquid- I just had some homemade strawberry ice-cream right before I saw your comment lol. Have a nice weekend too, hope you are enjoying the sun!

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