My Aeroplan Points Expired, What are the Options?

My Aeroplan Points Expired, What are the Options?

Two years ago I made my husband sign up for a TD Aeroplan Rewards Visa credit card to take advantage of earning Aeroplan points since it was a first year free promotion (he also doesn’t like to pay annually for a credit card).  He was able to accumulate over 65,000 Aeroplan points.  He got an email in 2016 reminding him that his points were about to expire.  I remember we then bought something at Home Hardware so that his points wouldn’t expire.

Fast forward to 2017, and we are planning to go to Hawaii (there will be more details about this in a later post) and wanted to use up the Aeroplan points before they expire in 2020 when Air Canada starts to have their own loyalty program instead of contracting it out to Aimia.  We were finally organized to book our flight and he logs into his Aeroplan account and sees a ‘0’ balance and that his points expired about 2 weeks before.  He didn’t get a reminder email (or perhaps he did and it went to junk or spam or he often deletes emails that he views as non-important) so we didn’t renew this year by earning points at one of the Aeroplan partners, or donate or do some sort of Aeroplan activity.

As some of you may know, Aeroplan has a policy whereby if you don’t use your Aeroplan points (either add or use them) within a 12 month period, it expires.

So I was crushed, but I have 100,000 points and there was enough to purchase both our tickets with points.  Ideally I was hoping for a Round The World (or Mini-RTW) trip with my points some day, but that some day won’t be coming since Aeroplan points will be expiring in 2020 anyway…. Since I am married and we share things I shared my points and got us two tickets to Hawaii.  I know, I’m such an amazing wife, LOL.

When I commiserated on Twitter, @stupid_debt suggested that I contact an Aeroplan customer service representative to see if they can reinstate it.  Knowing that it would be a low chance (because c’mon, it’s Aeroplan), I decided to give it a Yeoman’s effort anyway.

My Aeroplan Points Expired, What are the Options?

My aeroplan points expired, what are my options?


So gave the customer service representative a call.  I was surprised that there were actually options to see if you can get retroactive credits or to pay for the points to be reinstated.  When none of the options applied or appealed to us, the customer service representative was very good at giving a firm but gentle ‘no’ with my whining when asking if we could get the points reinstated for free or reduced cost lol.

If your Aeroplan points expired, you may be able to qualify for retroactive credits, meaning Aeroplan points that you can apply for after the fact (if you didn’t use them already).

Retroactive Aeroplan credits include:

  • Hotel stay in the past six months at qualifying hotel partners– including Hilton, Best Western etc.
  • Booking an Air Canada Flight (but without putting in your Aeroplan number when buying the ticket) in the past 12 months
  • Flying on Star Alliance partner in 12 months (again without using her Aeroplan number when booking)

how much does it cost to reinstate the miles

If none of the above retroactive activities pertain to you, then you have the option of paying for the Aeroplan miles to be recouped.

It will certainly cost you though.

The cost to reinstate the expired Aeroplan miles is a $30 service charge plus $0.01 per mile.

Therefore, if my husband were to reinstate the 65,000 Aeroplan miles that he lost, it would be $650 ($0.01×65,000) plus the $30, so almost $700.

That wasn’t really worth it for us, given that a ticket to Hawaii is under $500 and Aeroplan points are expiring in 2020 anyways, so he bid adieu to those Aeroplan points forever.

Lol…is it still considered minimalism if you let go of your points?  Even though they aren’t ‘things’ per se?

In any case, Rob Carrick recommended that you should use your Aeroplan points ASAP in a recent Globe and Mail article and that points will devalue so it’s a good idea to use them well before the 2020 timeline if you can!

Readers, have you had points expire?  If so, was it worth it to pay for your points to be saved?

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