PF Blog Round Up: Femme Fatale Edition

PF Blog Round Up Femme Fatale

Happy Friday!

I thought I would change up the PF Blog Round Up picture because it was getting confusing seeing all the same photos.  This of course is not me as a youngster but actually from a generic Pixabay photo.  I was pretty badass a few years ago when I bought a motorcycle though (then proceeded to drop it a few times which negated the cool-factor).  However, it was a money regret for me.

There’s been some amazing stuff these past few weeks in the blogosphere.  I thought I would dedicate this PF blog round up to the femme fatales of the personal finance blogger world.  This of course was inspired mainly by Angela from Tread Lightly Retire Early and her compilation of the Women of the Financial Independence Movement.  It feels very empowering to be part of such a movement and to have our voices heard in the male-engineer-dominated-INTJ-FIRE space 😉

Here’s five posts from around the blogosphere that I loved!  Hope you will like them too.  Have a great weekend!

pf blog round up


Angela from Tread Lightly Retire Early shares this epic post of the Women of the Financial Independence Movement. 130+ comments and counting.  It is a compilation of women interested in FIRE, and categorized by FIOR, DIK, SIK (if you don’t know what those acronyms mean, get with the FIRE program, or just go to that link and check it out).

Cash Flow Kat shares 5 Reasons Your Blog is Better Than Mine.  This is a hilarious and must read.  I feel like Kat would be very funny in person and think I would be laughing a lot out loud if we were to hang out.

Money Scrap also posts about blogging, and they are hiring personal finance bloggers, don’t you know?  The total compensation package is $0 to $1.5 million (with latter compensation being about a 1:1,000,000 likelihood of happening), a decreased family time, decreased sleep, and variable feelings of self worth which are dependent on the number of page views per day.  See the post by the human resources department here, on Personal Finance Bloggers Wanted.

Fin$avvyPanda shares a free tool (this awesome black badass excel spreadsheet) that will guide you to becoming a millionaire.  She gives a shout out to lil’ ol’ me too, thank you!

Luxe from The Luxe Strategist shares 22 Ways to Live Luxuriously on a Budget.  There are some good birthday freebies there I didn’t know about (I love my Fresh face wash), though I’m not sure if Canadians are eligible for them.

Happy Weekend!  Fri-YAY! 

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GYM is a 30 something millennial interested in achieving financial freedom through disciplined saving, investing, and living a minimalist lifestyle.

24 comments on “PF Blog Round Up: Femme Fatale Edition

  1. Oh, it’s just all the years as a mom and landlordess (I’m gonna keep using it!!)…if I didn’t have a sense of humor by now I’d be in serious trouble! But y’all are too kind – thank you for including me here and the nice comments! 🙂 And YASSSS, we should meet up! But do we have to go to FinCon to do it?? Where the hell is that taking place anyway?? There should be a Canadian version, like CanCon, where we eat Nutella and Poutine all day!
    CashflowKat recently posted…3 Reasons a Real Estate Investing Side Hustle Works for WomenMy Profile

    • @CashflowKat- I think 2018 Fincon is Orlando. There is a Canadian ‘fincon’! It’s in Toronto. I think it’s more subdued than Fincon but I’ve not been to it either. Nutella and Poutine every day would be THE DREAM.

  2. GYM! Great list! Angela did slay it in her girl power post…every day I think I’m still receiving notices a new commenter on it! lol. I mayyy have to turn that off as my inbox is fulling up Angela 🙂

    Uggh – motorcycles scare me sooooo much! Hydroplaned in an unexpected downpour while riding on one..wiped out & looked up in time to see a car coming straight towards my head, then they swerved and missed. NEVER Again! Still have nightmares. I’ll stick to risk taking with investing instead of my life from now on!

    And admiring dare devils like the pink power ranger from a safe distance! My mind is blown she’s almost 50…proves that great women just age with grace and beauty!
    Mrs. Defined Sight recently posted…The Mysterious Bettor X Is Back For Super Bowl LIIMy Profile

    • @Mrs. Defined Sight- You rode a bike too? Cool! Oh gosh that sounds horrible, hydroplaning is scary enough let alone wiping out and a car coming! That’s good you are okay, it must have also scared the car too. Hopefully, they stopped to make sure you were okay. I never rode in the rain, I was such a scaredy cat biker.

  3. Hi GYM,

    I had one of those Vespa-style scooters when I was a teenager. I have fond memories of it, but don’t think at this age I would take the risk of getting on a vehicle where I’m literally the “car’s body”. Haha!

    Thanks for recommending some awesome reads! Unknowingly, I’ve been doing The Luxe’s Strategist’s recommendation of using all-white bedding, no wonder it felt so nice and luxurious! I love it since it looks good and I’m too lazy to make up the bed all the time!

    Thanks for the awesome roundup!

    • @Lily from The Rich Miser- Hah, I know what you mean. I was always so paranoid of getting road rash. All white-bedding must be really nice- I am terrble at keeping my whites white (I tend to be lazy and wash everything together).

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