PF Blog Round Up: October 2017 Dividends Edition

I thought I would do another dividend income share in conjunction with the PF blog posts.  Next PF Blog update will be something different.  It’s nice to shake things up a bit.

This one is definitely not as exciting as last month’s dividend calculation (which was over $600, yippee!).

I notice there’s a lot of monthly dividend updates and they’re great fun to look at, a peek inside the portfolio of dividend enthusiasts.  I usually do my dividend updates on a quarterly basis, and when I do, it is quite the process as I review each dividend paying stock or ETF for increases or decreases. Here’s a look at last quarter’s Dividend Update.

My goal was to receive $6000 in dividend income for the year of 2017, and it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting that this year but if you count my forward dividend yield, I will have more than $6000 and will have achieved my goal (technically).  Last month (September) was a nice month for dividends, though it doesn’t beat the time when it was over $800.  I’ll look forward to the day it is over $1000.

Here’s a look at the dividends I received in October 2017:


  • REI- Riocan Real Estate Investment Trust $23.50
  • ZPR- BMO Preferred Shares Laddered ETF $16.91
  • ZDV- BMO Canadian Dividend ETF $16.76
  • T.TO- Telus Corporation $49.25
  • VUS- Vanguard US Total Market ETF $35.67
  • KEG- Keg Royalties and Income Fund $9.18
  • CLF 1-5 Year Laddered Bond ETF $16.14
  • VAB- Vanguard Aggregate Bond ETF $46.02
  • NLY- Annaly Capital Management REIT $30 USD

Total $198.43

For the USD dividends I converted it on a 1:1 basis to make it straight forward.  The CAD is forecasted to go down further, so if you have some USD you want to convert to CAD, you can review Norbert’s Gambit.

As you can see this month is super depressing compared to September’s dividend count.  Nothing too exciting here.  Let’s move along lol.

On to a more uplifting topic, there were lots of great posts around the blogosphere in the past few weeks.  Fincon 2017 happened too- I bet the energy in Dallas was just buzzing from all the PF bloggers!  I didn’t go but lived vicariously through the tweets and the instagram pictures and stories!

Here are 5 PF Blogs from around the Blogosphere that I highly recommend reading:


My Favorite Credit Card Perk You Might Not Know About by The Luxe Strategist shares a credit card perk that I really didn’t know about, called Return Protection.  You can buy something on final sale and get your money back if you’re dissatisfied with it, and you get paid back from the credit card company.  I wish I knew about this earlier, now I’ll have to scour my credit card welcome packages to see if I have this.  Return Protection definitely seems like a game changer!

Gabe from The Shiny Dollar shares his 7 Streams of Income for September.  I’m a huge fan of having multiple streams of income.  When you feel down about one stream, the other stream is there to perk you right back up.  It gives you a feeling of invincibility in a way when you know that you’re not 100% reliant on the sole income.  That’s why dividend investing and passive income is so appealing to me.

Ms. FAF from Frugal Asian Finance talks about Housework- The Financial Decision of a Family.  Unfortunately the division of labour seems to be resting on Ms. FAF because her husband makes more- which ties into our discussion on this blog last week about splitting finances when there is income inequalty.

Leo from I Saved $5K shares some personal finance horror stories, and boy are these seriously scary.  Especially the $22,000 roaming charge when the parent thought his child was using WIFI the whole time while on vacation.  Scarier than watching Friday the 13th or “Carrie” (which I have never watched- I can’t watch those kind of movies), perhaps?

Finally for some vicarious travelling through pictures (other than the pictures in Dallas from FinCon of course), Mr. Tako shares his Japan Trip Report, to Okinawa.  I have always wanted to go Okinawa, because Okinawa is one of the places where there are lots of older adults who are 100 years old and older, and this is thought to be mainly attributed to the Okinawan diet.  They eat mainly tofu, seaweed, and vegetables, as per Mr. Tako’s observations.  Okinawa is known to have beautiful beaches, like Hawaii.  It’s super high on my bucket list except it’s a little out of the way from the main island of Japan.

Readers, how did you do with your dividends this month?   Did you go to #FinCon17 and if so, what was one ‘pearl’ of financial wisdom that you learned?

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20 comments on “PF Blog Round Up: October 2017 Dividends Edition

  1. My recorded dividends were average for October with a couple of hikes. It was a pretty good month overall with a milestone I will cover in the coming weeks. FinCon2017 was nearby, but I didn’t go this time around. I read some mixed reviews from people that attended, but overall it looked like a good time!

    • @TLS- No you don’t! You can if you want to, it’s another thing to keep track of for yourself, kind of like blog metrics. LOL. I think we all have enough to keep track of. I like to keep track of the increase in dividend income from companies. I’m so glad you can comment again too!! 🙂

  2. It’s a great honour to be a part of this shout out list. This shows hat there are a variety of personal finance flavours out there. There’s gotta be one that’s motivating enough to encourage newbies to try.

    In terms of the dividend income, it’s definitely fun to tally them every time. Since I am managing quite a few family accounts, I am only doing my net worth calculation on a quarterly basis. It’s les volatile than the monthly updates.

    As for the horrific personal finance story, the worst that can happen is that you trust the wrong person to manage your money. This is why I manage my own money.
    Leo T. Ly recently posted…10 Money-Saving DIY Home Renovation ProjectsMy Profile

    • @Leo- Yes, I’ve been burned before (invested with Investors Group). I like managing my own money too, because the only person you can blame is yourself, and you hold yourself accountable 🙂

  3. Great recommended posts. I only do my net worth calculation on a quarterly basis as most of my ETFs pay out quarterly. But I do look at them every month to see how awesome dividend/passive income is.

    • @Ms99to1percent- Thanks for stopping by! My monthly dividend target is $3000 a month by age 40-43. I have a lonnng way to go! 🙂

      • You’re making very good progress though, so $3000 a month is attainable eventually!

        We’re averaging about $650 a month in 2017 through October. One of the challenges though is the majority of our holdings pay out distributions in the 3rd month of each quarter. We’ve found a few that do payout on a quarterly basis in the 1st or 2nd month of each quarter, but I haven’t been too impressed with some of them. (And we don’t want to acquire a position simply based on the distribution schedule of the respective holding.)

        • @BD Mike-That’s true, that would be completely focusing on income then (which I’m sure we are both not reliant on since we are not retired) which wouldn’t be ideal. That’s great $650 a month! Maybe that could be my next goal for 2018- forward dividend yield of $7800-8000.

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