PF Blog Round Up: September 2017 Dividends Edition

I thought I would do something a bit different for this PF Blog Round up edition instead of the weekend of money (namely because last weekend was absolutely boring and all I bought were groceries worth $37.83 but only totalling $7.83 because of our wonderful PC Financial World Elite MasterCard).

I notice there’s a lot of monthly dividend updates and they’re great fun to look at, a peek inside the portfolio of dividend enthusiasts.  I usually do my dividend updates on a quarterly basis, and when I do, it is quite the process as I review each dividend paying stock or ETF for increases or decreases. Here’s a look at last quarter’s Dividend Update.

My goal was to receive $6000 in dividend income for the year of 2017, and it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting that this year but if you count my forward dividend yield, I will have more than $6000 and will have achieved my goal (technically).  Last month (September) was a nice month for dividends, though it doesn’t beat the time when it was over $800.  I’ll look forward to the day it is over $1000.

Here’s a look at the dividends I received from last month (September 2017):


  • SLF.TO Sunlife Financial- $46.98
  • KEG.UN Keg Royalties Income Trust $9.18
  • XIU iShares Core S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index ETF $60.14
  • CLF iShares 1-5 Year Laddered Government Bond Index ETF $16.04
  • VXC Vanguard Global All Cap Ex Canadian ETF $189.25
  • VAB Vanguard Canadian Aggregate Bond Index ETF  $41.57
  • VEF Vanguard Developed Ex-Canada ETF Canadian Hedged $30.27
  • VTI Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF $42.58 USD
  • VXUS Vanguard Total International Stock Market ETF $50.96 USD
  • SU.TO Suncor Energy $9.80
  • REI.UN Riocan Real Estate Investment Trust $21.15
  • ZPR BMO Laddered Preferred Share ETF $15.58
  • ZDV BMO Canadian Dividend ETF $16.76
  • FTS.TO Fortis $60.00

Total $610.26

For simplicity’s sake for this post, I have used the conversion rate of 1:1 for USD to CAD dollars.  If you want to learn how to exchange USD to CAD (and vice versa) for $6 on Questrade, check out my post here.

Here are 5 PF Blogs from around the Blogosphere that I highly recommend reading:


Tubbs Fire A Sudden Evacuation by Dads Dollars Debts:  It is absolutely terrible what Dads Dollars Debts went through, he lost his house and everything in it from the fire (except for some camping paraphernalia).  Thank goodness his wife and toddler son are safe as well.  He was alerted to leave immediately from some amazing neighbours who went around the houses telling people to leave.  Unfortunately dozens of people have lost their lives from this fire, many of whom are frail elderly who couldn’t escape their home in time.  I need to get an evacuation kit for sure.  I have a ’emergency kit’ for one near my door but now that we have a family I should really update it.

How Dumb Luck Made My Husband a Rich Man by Lily at The Frugal Gene:  Lily’s husband hit Amazon gold when unbeknownst to him he had Amazon shares that were worth… a lot!  Also he’s lucky that she’s not a gold digger and instead is helping him grow their wealth together through investing in real estate and the stock market.

Turning Over an Easy Rental Condo by Retire by 40: Some important things to think about when being a landlord.  Some handy skills are necessary (which I do not really have) if you want to make being a landlord less expensive (e.g. not hiring a property manager).

Who Said Blogging was Easy by Caroline from Money Scrap:  Interesting statistics here, that 90% of bloggers who start a blog quit before 6 months.  It’s true- I remember starting out in 2009 and a lot of my ‘blogger friends’ disappeared.  Blogging is definitely not easy and has to be a passion project of yours.  There’s so much to learn, from SEO, Pinterest, what plug-ins to get, the list goes on.  I notice it seems more difficult to get pageviews compared to in 2009 when I started the other blog, the personal finance blog domain is definitely more saturated.  The one thing I have got going for this blog is stamina haha, because I’ve been writing posts since 2009, hopefully things will pick up around here after 6 months.

My Financial Mistakes by Kris from Chronicles of a Father: Kris shares his financial mistakes and sounds like he learned from them.

Readers, how did you do with your dividends this month?  Do you have an evacuation or emergency kit at home?

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16 comments on “PF Blog Round Up: September 2017 Dividends Edition

    • @Caroline- Not entirely! I’ll have to calculate my final forward dividend update (in December) to figure out my dividend goal for 2018. I’m thinking maybe $7000-8000 in total. How about you?

      • I have been buying more dividend paying stocks in the last two months so waiting to see what October and November look like before I finalize my goal. You are doing great so far.

        • @Caroline- Sounds like we are in the same boat 🙂 I love dividends! “If you aim for the moon you will land among the stars” (Is that how that quote goes?)

  1. Dang those dividends are on crack!!! $600 just sitting there!

    We totally read all the same posts and bloggers! 😉

    The Tubbs fire was something I never want to read from another blogger again though, very painful. Really brave for him to share and really happy his family is intact.

    I’m surprised at the 90% stat. 90% of the new blogs I got to know are hanging in there, although much busier than before. Most of them are past 6 months. Its the workload that’s off putting for people already holding down 9 to 5s. Not easy is right.
    Lily recently posted…8 Frugal Reasons to Have Two PhonesMy Profile

    • @Lily- Lol, yes I guess the PF blogosphere is kind of small but big at the same time (I mean, 1000+ bloggers on the Rockstar Finance Directory, that’s a lot!). Yeah, it’s a huge workload, that’s why it pays off to schedule a few months in advance, because it’s hard to be creative after you’ve given your all at the 9-5 job.

    • @Kris- Thank YOU for downloading it! Do you have a dividend goal for next year? See answer to Caroline’s question below! Beyond 2018, my goal is to have $36000-$40000 in dividend income.

    • @Graham- Thanks for visiting! I love Fortis too, one of my favourites. Suncor, meh…I actually bought it at its highest price EVER. It’s one of my stock ‘regrets’ but I still hold on to these 30 shares ha 🙂

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