PF Blog Round Up: Weekend of Spending Hawaii Edition

PF Blog Round Up

Inspired by The Luxe Strategist and her Weekend Spending Diaries and Sherry from Save Spend Splurge with her Week of Money record, I thought I would share one of my weekend spending activities (in Hawaii!) as a preface to the 5 great blogs from around the PF blogosphere that I will share.  Scroll down for the PF Blog Round up!

BUT FIRST.  Just want to say I had my first PF Blogger meet up in a LONG time, and it was in Hawaii!  I met up with Mommy Finance and she is so sweet!  We chatted about blogging and Hawaii life, including seeing dangerous Moray eels underwater (how cool is that? It wasn’t me seeing Moray eels underwater by the way).  Of course, my husband kindly pointed out to her that I am on Twitter and Instagram constantly and “tweeting every two hours with her toes” (even though he doesn’t really know what Twitter is lol…hi honey!)


8:30am- Baby GYM does not want to go down for his nap.  Husband heads off to work out.  He cries for half an hour and then I put him in the baby carrier.  He’s still awake even though I go through the entire 30 minutes of my baby carrier workout.  I think about how I need some alone time because listening to crying for so long is difficult.  He finally falls asleep about 45 minutes after he’s in the carrier.

10:00am- Husband returns from working out and said he tried to book a massage for me!  How sweet!!  He didn’t have any cash on him and they wanted him to pay $10 more if he was using credit card so he didn’t bother to book it.  I told him it’s the thought that counts (lol!) and that I don’t really need a massage but I actually want some alone time to work on my blog.  Haha, talk about blogging addiction as Caroline mentions on Moneyscrap.

12:00pm- We have some pork, cabbage, and carrots for lunch, nothing fancy.  We book a Turo rental car for a day, since we referred our friend, we had a total of $50 off.  $10.50.

12:20pm-Alone time!  I go out to this coffee shop and get some coffee.  I try an affogato, which is espresso poured over a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.  Their Internet is super fast and I enjoy my alone time and write a post, schedule it, and make Pinterest pics in the 1.5 hours.  I feel so fresh after my alone time and I miss my baby!  $5.50

Affogato for PF blogging

5:00pm- We walk over to pick up the Turo car rental.  It’s a Prius Hybrid which I’m excited to drive.  We drive it back to our airbnb parking space.

6:00pm- We eat some beef with noodles for dinner, again nothing fancy.  I refill data/phone/text from my Roam Mobility plan for a few more days. $10.40


  • $15.90 Affogato and Data
  • $10.50 Turo (joint spending)


10:00- After baby’s nap we go for a drive to check out Sandy beach.  It’s about a 20 min drive from Waikiki.  Lots of surfers and baby GYM fell asleep again for a good hour under the shade with me while my husband got his tan on in the blazing sun.  We eat our Don Quijote’s bento box for lunch (he went Saturday morning for discounted bento boxes).  $7.80 for both.

Sandy beach
1:30pm- After lunch we drive to Waimanolo Beach which I think might be even better than Kailua/Lanikai because it is quiet.  Baby GYM swims in the water and loves it.

5:00pm- We decide to drive to the Waikele Premium Outlets.  I go to the Barney’s New York outlet and try to channel the sophistication of The Luxe Strategist.  Everything was additional 50% off.  I found a $15 super soft V-neck t-shirt that is regular price $70, just like Luxe has on the anatomy of a $60 T-shirt, but it’s too clingy and sort of accentuates the late afternoon/evening pooch I get.  I go up a size larger and larger until Medium and then it’s too big on the shoulders.  I decide not to get it even though it’s $15.  My husband buys two pairs of swim shorts that were regular price $120 each but he got them both for $53. But the question is, WHO BUYS $120 swim shorts!?

6:20pm- We have to eat at the Premium Outlets because we want to maximize our car rental time.  We have Thai food at this small kiosk and it’s surprisingly good.  I got the red curry and husband got cashew chicken. Baby GYM watched us while we ate, he does well when we eat outdoors. $18

8:40pm- Baby is asleep so it’s freedom time!  I drop off the Turo car and on the way back head into Nordstrom Rack and find a grey top that is super soft!  It’s loose drapey clothes for me now that I have this postpartum pooch that shows up at the end of the day. $17.71

I head to Mitsuwa to scope out some discount food.  Found two blueberry mocha for $0.99 (regular price $2.99) and some spaghetti for $2.80 (regular price $5) and another bento for $3.99. They ask me if I am a local and have Hawaiian ID as I get a discount.  Sadly I say no that I don’t live there. $8.80


  • $24.60 food (joint spending)
  • $17.71 Super soft top



7:00- Wake up, baby GYM’s awake already but quietly cooing to himself while staring at the ceiling.  I make breakfast which is bacon, tomato and cabbage with one beaten egg (yeah, we were trying to clear the fridge), and eggo waffles.  It tastes surprisingly good.  We play with baby GYM.

9:10- baby GYM actually fell asleep by himself while playing (and staring at ceiling fan).  Astounded as he didn’t cry or fuss.

10:10-  I call my sister in Vancouver.  My sister is taking my dog to the vet while I’m in Hawaii for his routine injection.  I call her to see if there is anything new for my dog’s vet appointment (so that the vet doesn’t try to add on tests or treatments without me being there).  This is his third injection to help with his terrible chronic allergies, things are going okay, he’s not as itchy as he was before.  $91

11:30- We heat up yesterday’s steal of a deal for lunch and pack up and head to the beach.  We walk to Magic Island lagoon.  I stay in the UV tent with baby and start getting a bit hot and irritable while husband swims in the ocean.

12:30pm- Baby GYM wakes up.  Man, only 30 min nap in his stroller, why!  He eats and we play in the UV sun protection tent until it gets a bit more overcast.  We put him in his UV swim outfit and swim diapers and he plays in the ocean.  I was too lazy to put my swimsuit on but I cave because it’s too hot, I am baking in that tent despite opening the window.  Surprisingly it’s not that hot once you’re in the water!

4:30pm- We walk to Don Quijote’s for more groceries and to buy souvenirs.  I buy a few bags of macadamian nuts, macadamian nut chocolate, and coffee. We get some bento boxes for dinner as it’s too late to cook.  Groceries and joint souvenirs- $100 (joint spending).  Souvenirs- $30

7:00pm- Baby GYM wakes up from his last catnap of the day just after we scarf down dinner.  He plays on his little play mat until bed time.


  • $100 (groceries, joint spending)
  • $121 (vet and souvenirs)

pf blog round up


FinSavvyPanda shares some fail proof ways that she’s planning to pay of her debt in 2018 and it mainly involves reducing the cost on Sundays.  Her weekends sound really fun and different from mine which involve wiping my baby’s bum and changing diapers haha.

Luxe from Luxe Strategist shares her way of travel hacking and how she travels to expensive places for cheap.  I am so jealous of all the points you can get from US Card sign ups!  I still need to sit down and figure out which credit card(s) to sign up for this year.

Kris from Chronicles of Father with Cents shares his SUPER impressive monthly expenses and spend for November 2017.  My November costs were like DOUBLE his just from the Airbnb stay ALONE lol.

Dave from Married with Money explains why he doesn’t regret saving more money in his 20’s.  Me too.  I spent TONS of money in my 20’s traveling (I think one year I spent $10,000 on travel) and I don’t regret it one bit.

Also, Mrs. Picky Pincher has a new cookbook out and it’s under $5(!), it’s called Mrs. Picky Pincher’s Cookbook: Make Mediocre Dinners a Thing of the Past.  If you’re always salivating over her food pictures you can now make your own!

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23 comments on “PF Blog Round Up: Weekend of Spending Hawaii Edition

    • @Dave- Awesome! It was a fantastic post, glad you are getting the attention it deserves. You don’t have to be jealous anymore I’m back in the cold weather now haha.

    • @Kris- I know right! My husband got a bit obsessed about spear fishing and I was interested about Moray eel bites! I’m back now so it’s not as nice. It’s dark and cold 🙁 More time to blog I guess!!

    • @Revanche- I got this Abound shirt- I’m not even sure if it’s a brand name but so far I am loving it. It goes well with the booties I bought at Nordstrom Rack too and skinny jeans. No baby GYM is NOT mellow, at least when it comes to sleep and napping in the crib. Otherwise he’s pretty mellow. I have resigned myself to carrying him in the Ergo when he is 35 lbs for his naps haha.

  1. Hi GYM!

    I was reading deep into your blog stories/posts as usual because your stories are interesting. So, I was going to mention that your affogato looks tasty, especially with the ice cream (that’s my biggest weakness)… and then I was going to say that $120 regular price for a pair of men’s swim shorts is crazy expensive, but great job for getting two for $53!

    Then I saw my name mentioned on your post, which I was surprised and I giggled (tee-hee) lol!
    Thanks so much for the shout out! 🙂

    BTW, I’m sure I will eventually have to wipe a baby’s bum one day… I just don’t know when, but I’m definitely looking forward to it though lol!
    fin$avvypanda @ recently posted…10 Ways to Develop a Rich Mindset for 2018! — #10 is Mind-Blowing!My Profile

    • @finsavvypanda- You’re welcome for the shoutout! You have great content so of course I will shout it out. So far wiping a baby’s bottom isn’t that bad, I think it doesn’t smell that bad since he’s just having milk right now. When he starts solids, I’m sure they will be stinkers haha.

  2. I have to admit that I was very nervous about meeting up with another blogger. It’s something that I always wanted to do and yet it was something I was afraid of doing. So when you gave me that chance, I went for it. I figured if it’s something that makes me scared, then it must be a good thing because I’m doing something out of my comfort zone.

    Thank you to both you and your family for willing to meet me during lunch while I was at work! lol.

    • @Melanie- Believe me, as an anonymous PF blogger I am always trepidatious about meeting other PF blogger people in real life. Thanks for taking the chance to meet me and my husband and baby GYM! It was nice to generate ideas and see what is working for us with our blogs! Remember if you come to Vancouver we can show you around!

    • @Angela- I know. We just arrived back into Vancouver today and it’s so cold and dark- I’m sure you can relate since you’re from the PNW too. I miss the need to wear sunglasses inside haha because it’s so bright!

    • @Caroline- It’s so COLD AND DARK. I can’t wear sunglasses inside the condo anymore haha. Today, it was considered a “good” day in Vancouver, which meant grey skies, darkness, but no rain! Yippeeeeeee. You must be in Hawaii withdrawal too 😉

  3. I don’t have to click on that blog link to know I’m addicted to blogging…

    And nice job rejecting that $15 T-shirt purchase! It’s easy to buy stuff because it’s super on sale, even though it might not be perfect. Glad Mr. GYM got a deal on this swim shorts.

    Also, would love to see more Hawaii pics on Insta!
    The Luxe Strategist recently posted…The Best Money I’ve Ever SpentMy Profile

    • @The Luxe Strategist- Haha 🙂 I’ve been a bit better (blog addict recovery) the past few days since it’s been so busy with spending time with family. It’s probably going to ramp up again with 2018 goals haha!

      So easy! I USUALLY buy stuff when it’s not perfect but I tell myself it’s the perfect price. So I’m glad I had some self restraint there.

      Will do! I’m seriously not very Insta adept (especially with Instastories) but will try and add some Hawaii more pics on there 🙂

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