PF Blog Round Up: Weekend Spending January 2018 Edition

PF Blog Round Up

Inspired by The Luxe Strategist and her Weekend Spending Diaries (Bomb Cyclone Edition is the latest) and Sherry from Save Spend Splurge with her Week of Money record, I’ll share my weekend activities for January, back in Raincouver, as a preface to the 5 great blogs from around the PF blogosphere that I will share.  Scroll down for the PF Blog Round up!



7:00am– Wake up!  I mix my 3 in 1 coffee and have my cereal while baby GYM plays on his play gym (haha did you like the play on words?). $0.

10:00 am– My husband and I take our baby to one of the free school board programs for early childhood education.  Baby GYM seems to really enjoy it so we will definitely go again.  There were some young babies there too.  Even with a year off, I think parents can keep themselves so busy with free activities around town!  There’s library time (at many of the public libraries), there’s community health centre groups, and swimming (well not free but only $6).  I thought I would have all this free time during maternity leave but have been quite busy taking our baby around town.  He sleeps so much better when he’s gone out and about.  I think he’s used to going out more since we went to Hawaii and basically went out every day.  I feel a bit unwell and cold and have muscle aches even though I didn’t work out the day before. $0.

12:10pm- We go out with our friend for lunch.  At first I thought I wasn’t hungry but ended up finishing the noodle soup.  We catch up with our friend. I still feel off and achy.  $29

1:45pm- We grab some quick groceries: bananas, more 3 in 1 coffee, they work out to be $0.23 a packet, which is almost like a Kuerig cup (they are one dollar or something, right?  I don’t have one of those fancy machines).  They are probably not very good for you but they taste so good!  $7.45

G7 Brand 3 in 1 coffee

3:10pm- I still don’t feel well and check my temperature, it is 38.5.  So I wasn’t being a hypochondriac, I actually have a fever.  I start worrying I have the flu and don’t want to get our baby sick.  My husband takes over and cooks dinner.  He makes salmon with lemon garnish and herbs de provence (fancy, right?).  It’s nice because he would probably just put salt and pepper on it normally, but he knows I like things not so bland haha.

8:13pm-  I go to sleep when baby GYM goes to bed, and lie in bed replying to comments on my phone before falling sleep.  Talk about blogging addiction haha.

Spent: $36.45 (Joint Expenses)

  • Noodle soup lunch $29
  • Groceries $7.45


????- I spend a lot of Saturday in bed because I am unwell, but I did manage to make a pot roast for Sunday’s dinner.  I can’t remember what we had for lunch and dinner but we stayed at home.  I ran out of oil of oregano and recalled I got rid of an extra bottle during my minimalism purge last year.  Oops. $0.

5:30pm- I have to meet someone I arranged on one of the selling apps to give him a set of knives (you know in a wooden block).  I ask if he is male.  He says yes.  Then I start envisioning this stranger potentially grabbing one of the steak knives and using it against me and robbing me, or hurting my child.  Haha, yes I know my imagination runs wild sometimes.  Probably not the BEST idea to be selling a stranger a set of knives!  I ask to meet him at a public place even though I have muscle aches and am feverish (my husband is more averse to meeting strangers than me and he was taking care of baby GYM and I didn’t baby GYM to be hurt).  He turned out to be a nice guy and I was able to sell my MIL’s steak knife set for her.  $0 (+$10 for my mother in law)

Spent: $0 (gained $10 for my mother in law for brownie points)



7:00am– I feel back to normalish again, I made a quick recovery!  It turned out I had a bit of mastitis (sorry TMI) 🙁  thank goodness I didn’t need antibiotics.

10:00am– I meet my friends for brunch.  One of my friends has a 2.5 year old, she was so well behaved!  They wanted to meet baby GYM and give him a gift since I never had a baby shower (you know, because of baby minimalism).  Baby GYM was surprisingly well behaved.  Guess what I ordered?  Eggs Benedict (of course).  I treat them to lunch too since I didn’t have a baby shower and I felt some sort of obligation to give back because they bought a gift for baby GYM (something wrong with me).  $48

10:30am-8:00pm– Pretty much the same daily routine with baby GYM, eat, sleep, poop, nothing too exciting here!  We had some pot roast (here’s the recipe) I made ahead on Saturday for dinner, courtesy of my favourite kitchen appliance, the Instant Pot$0.

8:30pm– I meet my other friends after I put baby GYM down to bed.  He seems a bit clingier, he must know that I am leaving him to have some alone time (weeee!!!).  It was really nice to see my girlfriends (they all don’t have children but they have been super accommodating and understanding about me having a baby to take care of) to catch up.  Some of them I hadn’t seen since last year or before Hawaii.  I have a spicy Caesar (that’s a Canadian version of the Bloody Mary, I think) and share an appy of stuffed mushrooms covered with cheese with my friend (yeah, the pot roast didn’t fill me up!).  $14

Spent: $62

  • Brunch $48
  • Drinks and appetizer $14

Readers, have you had a Canadian caesar before?  They are delicious.  The green bean that they put in as garnish counts towards your daily vegetable intake, you know.

Do you think I was overreacting selling a set of knives to a stranger?  Haha…


pf blog round up


Enoch from Savvy New Canadians shares a post on 4 Ways to Get Your Credit Score for Free in Canada.  This was great because I was always under the perception that checking your credit score will affect your credit score.  Opening a few credit cards probably hurts your score (which I did last year and then right before I checked my credit score, I opened another one) which is probably why I didn’t have a better score.

Retire Early Helen shares Lessons she learnt from the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis.  I think this is a good read given the all time highs of the stock market and the impending market crash that will be coming.  Not a matter of if, matter of when.

Mrs. Defined Sight shares a post about her experience working as a manager in her mid twenties, and shares some sage advice for all you 20-somethings entering the workforce.  Ageism is a big thing in the workforce, the older tend to eat their young unfortunately.

Boomer and Echo shares his portfolio performance after switching to a two ETF portfolio from a number of dividend stocks and it’s up over 40% in three years.  Amazing!  I did a similar switch a few years ago but still have some dividend stocks, just not as much as I did before.

Leo from I Saved 5K shares a comparison of the Toronto area real estate to places around the world.  Kind of like a mini-house hunter’s international.  Also, if you’re interested this was in Huffington Post recently, a $750,000 house for sale that looks like it came straight from the horror movie Saw “Would you like to play a game?”

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GYM is a 30 something millennial interested in achieving financial freedom through disciplined saving, investing, and living a minimalist lifestyle.

20 comments on “PF Blog Round Up: Weekend Spending January 2018 Edition

  1. GYM,

    Thanks a lot for mentioning about my blog. Just hope the next market correction is not that bad as 07-08 financial crisis.

    Regarding dealing with strangers, you did the right thing. It doesn’t hurt to be cautious, use the common sense, and meet them in the public areas. Nobody can protect us except ourselves. I’m heart broken about the tragedy that happened to the Chinese girl Yingying Zhang at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. The world is not that safe as it looks. Take care.

    • @Helen- I have a feeling it will be worse. Have you heard of Jim Rogers or seen this video?
      He’s so confident it makes me scared haha. The whole world is in more debt than 2007-2008. This does not bode well for the economy.

      Oh gosh, I hadn’t heard of the story about Ying Ying Zhang, I just looked it up. It’s so terrible 🙁

    • @Caroline- Oh yes, celery sometimes too! I prefer the green bean though. Haha yes, sometimes it’s just not worth it. Some of these people are so demanding, even when it’s for free. Or they don’t show up. There are a lot of flaky people out there.

  2. haha I love your knife story. I am paranoid like that too… I actually get paranoid when I am meeting up with a stranger. I would start imagining strange things in my head, but usually my experience has always been great.

    There was once where my fiance and I went to pick up a coffee table from a stranger. Idk why but I was so stupid. I walked into the guy’s house alone (odd because I am generally paranoid. natural reaction??) and my fiance was still outside getting out of his car. My fiance got mad at me for doing that. Luckily nothing happened and he was really nice. In general, I’m more careful and conscious now, so meeting out in the public is always a good idea!
    fin$avvypanda @ recently posted…Make Compound Interest Your BFFMy Profile

    • @fin$avvypanda- Yeah I was like “oh good he doesn’t look like a serial killer, he has kind eyes!” when I met him. Maybe he was scared too because I had a set of knives haha. Who knows.

      Yes walking into a stranger’s home is not a good idea! But it’s good your fiancee was still around and could call the police if anything untoward were to have happened.

  3. Oh please always meet strangers in public well lit places when you sell anything! PiC does that and I worry INCESSANTLY anyway. I’m too basically distrustful to relax until the sale is complete.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen our thread on Twitter on Great Canadian Foods and all the foods we have to try but you’ve just added another one to my list 🙂
    Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life recently posted…Just a little (link) love: families! EditionMy Profile

    • @Revanche- No! I should check it out! I saw your comment about Icelandic foods though! I’m sure Poutine is on there and I’m sure you’ve tried poutine.

      Did you know the California roll was invented in Vancouver, BC? 😉 I haven’t been to the restaurant (Tojo’s) that created it- it’s super swanky but maybe one day!

  4. GYM,
    Good call on meeting a stranger in a public place, especially since there is weapons involved. Thanks for the weekend reading list and hope you feel better soon.

  5. Both Mother and Cents and my MIL have been taking Baby with Cents to the library and playgroups as well while I’m at work. At first, he was really shy interacting with the other babies but as they kept going there weekly he’s getting the hang of play with the other babies and not as hesitant as before. They have just signed up for a Child Observant class the local community college so more playtime and interaction for Baby with Cents.
    Good call GYM in meeting the person in public especially with knives. All these types of transactions should happen like that.
    Now I feel like getting some Eggs Benedict myself since you mentioned it. Haven’t had one in a while!! Lol, enjoy the weekend!
    Kris recently posted…My 2017 Expenses Sankey StyleMy Profile

    • @Kris- Are these play groups free in San Fransisco too? I love eggs benedict- I can’t bring myself to order anything else when I’m out for brunch- I judge the calibre of the restaurant based on their hollandaise sauce. I would NEVER order just eggs and bacon because I can make that so easily at home.

    • @Tom- It will happen though! I had no idea what I was doing investing-wise 2007-2008. Hope we are all prepared, it will happen when we least expect it.

  6. GYM! Sorry I am late to the party!! My email notification for your site doesn’t come through until 8am the next day 🙁 (folks who signed up for our email notification says ours does the same thing. doh! I don’t know how to fix that yet). But thank you so much for kind words and mentioning me in the roundup! Yes! The old ones need to stop eating their young!

    Sorry you were under the weather..I hope you are feeling better. I think I was hit with either a bad cold or influenza yesterday and missed work as well. My whole body ached, I ran a slight temp and slept all day. During the night I woke up in a pool of my own sweat and today I have the chills, but feel better! Winter crud/crap is the worst!

    So, I’m super intrigued about your 3 in 1 coffee thing. We do k-cups here (I find sales/discounts and can get them 23-24 cents per cup!). I limit myself to 1 per day, but then I do creamer (uggh. my vice). I’ll have to see if they come in diff flavors (I pretty much turn it into a cappuccino). lol But that’s better than when I was in my 20s…those old people had me so stressed I was drinking over a pot of coffee a day! Went cold turkey and cut it out when I was prego (not recommended, should have weened myself off lol).

    Kudos to earning brownie points with your MIL! You didn’t overreact…stranger danger red alert should be on 24/7! Agree – that guy totally probably thought the same about you!

    Ohhhh you have an instant post. Also intrigued there. My 12yr old crockpot is on it’s last legs. We use it several times a week. I recently broke the lid (and fixed it with hot glue gun..whoops).

    Thanks again for the roundup! I will be checking out the others as well for good Saturday morning reads! Have a great weekend!
    Mrs. Defined Sight recently posted…The Road To Financial Struggle Can Be Paved With Good IntentionsMy Profile

    • @Mrs. Defined Sight- Haha, you’re arriving ‘fashionably late’ 😉 I think it’s to do with mailchimp notifications, I can try and fix that! Do you use mail chimp too?

      Geez it’s totally going around, it’s good you ar feeling better.

      K-cups for 22-23 cents is really good! The 3 in 1 has sugar, creamer, and coffee in it. It’s probably too sweet for many but I like it sweet. I can’t seem to cut out sugar yet unless I put coffee and 1/4 cup cream into my mug haha.

      I just used my instant pot like 4-5 times this week. It’s the best! Sometimes they are on sale for $89, more expensive than a Crock Pot but so worth it. It can act like a crock pot too.

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