PF Blog Round Up: Weekend Spending Edition III

Inspired by The Luxe Strategist and her Weekend Spending Diaries and Sherry from Save Spend Splurge with her Week of Money record, I thought I would share one of my weekend spending activities as a preface to the 5 great blogs from around the PF blogosphere that I will share.  Since this seemed to spice up the PF Blog Round Up, I thought I would do it again!


I manage to go for a short run today, can’t remember how long it has been.  I only manage about 4km as I had 30 minutes and my dog was with me (who doesn’t tend to like running alongside me, he would rather be eating).  I’ll aim for 5km in 30 minutes next time.  The weather has been great for most of September.  The view was beautiful- I posted a picture of Vancouver on my Instagram if you’re interested.

I go do a bit of grocery shopping and get a PO Box for the blog.  I signed up for Mailchimp and apparently I need a address (preferably a PO Box) to send out emails according to International anti-spam laws.  Well, that’s what Mail Chimp said anyway!  In my last blog I never bothered to get a PO Box but I think I’m going to go all out this time!  It’s not that expensive and it makes me feel a bit more legit.  I don’t want to get in trouble, I like to follow the rules.  I decide to get the one year PO Box rental since half a year is only about $40 less.

For groceries, I got some ribs for $6, some ground beef, some sirloin tip steaks, and two sirloin tip steaks that were pre-marinated and 30% off because they were only good for one more day.  I have no shame buying things that are almost going bad haha.  Usually I make it right away or I shove it in the freezer where time magically stops for a few more weeks.  It tasted delicious by the way and we had it that night!  I also get some grapes, cabbage, and kale.  Just a note in case you’re thinking that’s all we eat for the week- this is by no means our weekly spending for groceries (if it was I think we would be emaciated by now).


  • Groceries- $30.56 (Joint spending)
  • PO Box rental- $190


Saturday was a blur because our baby did NOT want to sleep the night before.  He woke up at 2AM and then pretty much was gassy with his feed and wailed when we put him down until 4AM.  He then slept for one hour and then woke up at 5AM and this time my husband took him out and pretty much stayed awake with him until 7:30 AM when I woke up and fed him again.

We have some kale with grilled chicken breast for lunch.

Our friends came to visit in the afternoon and of course he was in the best mood, cooing and smiling and he was pretty much great the whole day.


  • $0- No spend day


I go out for 2.5 hours with my girlfriends for brunch while Mr. GYM looks after baby GYM so I can get some ‘me’ time.  I love ‘me’ time.  I also love spending time with baby GYM, but I realize I definitely need to fit in some time for myself whether it’s just to go for a run or spend time with girlfriends for a bit.

Of course, I order eggs benedict (I really can’t help but order anything else when I have brunch) and I order some coffee.  I sometimes feel guilty ordering coffee (because it’s $3.50 and you never know if refills are free) but I go ahead anyway because I’m not going out as much to eat as I did before.  The eggs Benedict had pesto in the hollandaise sauce and it was over focaccia bread.  Normally I only like having it over an english muffin but it tasted pretty decent over focaccia bread but it wasn’t amazing.

I apologize if the photo is blurry because I took it as fast as possible and I didn’t want to look like an idiot taking pictures of my food since I don’t usually take pictures of my food (only for you guys I will!!).

Another friend comes to visit us and the baby in the afternoon and they bring mini-cupcakes.  I think I ate about six cupcakes in the span of 15 minutes, they are bite size and so pretty!

In the evening we go over to my mother in law’s home for dinner and we list some of her stuff to sell on Letgo as she’s trying to get rid of extra stuff in her home.


  • Brunch- $19

Readers, do you buy discounted groceries when they are going to go bad soon?  Do you have  PO Box for your blog or should I have just ignored the warning from Mailchimp?  


fantastic pf blogs to read this weekend:


Financial Samurai shows us What Age Do Most People Retire in America.  I’m surprised that less than 1% of Americans retire by the age of 50.

Lily from the Frugal Gene has acquired a new thrifting addiction, all from her ‘gateway drug’ of the beautiful $15 Prada shoes she scored.

Marie from Boomer and Echo reminds us of the Importance of Power of Attorney for health care decision-making.

Mrs. Picky Pincher shares her Frugal Weekend and the baking she did despite being sick!  She used a tele doctor service and didn’t have to drag herself to the clinic for a refill of her inhaler!  Hope she feels better soon!

Mommy Finance shares the signs and symptoms that you’re burnt out from work without realizing it.  I think I was burnt out from work.  Being on maternity leave, I don’t really miss work. Which brings me even more desire to achieve financial independence!

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19 comments on “PF Blog Round Up: Weekend Spending Edition III


    And thank you for the shoutout; you are too sweet! Still feeling gunky unfortunately but the week has flown by in my medicated stupor. 😛

    Eh, don’t feel bad about snagging some coffee at brunch. I guilt trip myself about restaurant coffee, too, but if you’re not going out much, it’s a fun treat. Once I loved the coffee so much that I asked the restaurant what beans they used–so then I started making fancypants coffee at home. Eating out is a great way to find new ideas!
    Mrs. Picky Pincher recently posted…Feeling Your Tatas Is Frugal!My Profile

    • @Mrs Picky Pincher- Wonderful that you started brewing your own home coffee with fancy beans! I’m not that much of a coffee connoisseur but I can tell if the coffee is really bad (you know, like motel 6 coffee from those packages in the room) lol.

  2. I thought about the PO BOX because I recently signed up for mailchimp but decided with my home address instead… Maybe in the future… Im just trying to minimize expenses for now…

    How old is your baby if you don’t mind me asking? Mine is 4 months now and has been going through the waking up at random times through the night (he used to sleep through it)

    And also those cupcakes look delicious!

    • @Gabe- Ok, it’s not just me (mail chimp is clear about the rules)! It seems like they show the address though and you can’t opt out of that so I wanted to keep a bit of privacy since I put so many details online.

      Gosh you must be tired- I think the 4 month time is when they get the infamous ‘4 month sleep regression’ where your baby is learning to sleep like an adult and doesn’t go into deep sleep as quickly. Mine is just over 2 months. Congratulations by the way!!

      • LOL! Gabe and I were just talking about this earlier this morning! His price was around yours but I wasn’t sure how many months. I looked up my area and for 12 months it would be $160. So messed up! I want my address to be private lol.

        Thanks for adding me to your list!!!!! I really appreciate it!!

  3. Dear GenY,

    Having “me time” is what makes me happy to spend 365 days a year by (almost) 8 years with my kids (they’re homeschooled and we travel 6 months a year so that’s a lot of time together). And, it makes them happy to have a happy Mom 🙂

    I use Madmimi so no P.O. Box.

    If we need meat, I either buy it discounted or the weekly sale (and it has to be a “real” sale not one of the ones where they want me to think it is). I’ve been shopping like this for as long as I’ve had a household and never gotten sick.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Besos Sarah.

    • @Sarah De Diego- Wow, home school and traveling 6 months a year (warm and sunny locale for when the Canada whether is cold?)! What a great opportunity for your children. Haha, I need to learn my produce/meat prices so that I don’t get tricked into thinking it’s on sale when it’s actually not. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

      • Dear GenY,

        Yes, we winter in Southern Mexico (San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas) from December to March and have since 2002 (2010 with The Kids). Winter is highly overrated 😉

        We sold our house last week (we’ll rent from family) and my husband is retiring so this will be our first year going from December to May. I’m so excited for the next chapter in our journey!

        Ya, don’t be fooled by the “sales” or the “limit 4 only” when the price is more than if it wasn’t on sale! There are a lot of tricks out there and even though I go with a list, they sometimes get me.

        Besos Sarah.
        Sarah De Diego recently posted…10 Things to Consider When Buying a Car Booster for Your Child @DionoUSAMy Profile

        • @Sarah De Diego- Wow that sounds really warm and beautiful. It looks like a bustling city (just googled it). Congratulations on selling your house and congratulations on your husband retiring!

  4. Those cupcakes look sooooo good! I love cupcakes! I have bought food at a discount as long as it wasn’t already bad. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. Haha. And yep we got a P.O. Box for our blog for the same reasons. My understanding is that if you don’t collect email addresses (subscribers) then you don’t have to have it. Otherwise, if you do and they catch you… the fine could be huge. I didn’t want those type of problems.

    And as you mentioned, time to yourself is definitely important after having a baby. It can be hard, but it’s good for you. Even now that our son is almost 3, we will go on date nights, or hang out separately with friends/family, but then we can’t wait to get back to him! Lol.

    • @Kim- I love cupcakes too haha. Okay good, good to know I wasn’t the only person to get a PO Box, yes I don’t want to have those types of problems too. I notice that RSS subscribers also put their email but it doesn’t seem like you need an address for that?

      Haha when my husband and I did go out by ourselves all we talk about is our baby! We’ve become one of ‘those’ parents lol.

  5. Oh those sleepless nights with the baby!! Ours wakes up in the middle of the night too because he wants to sleep on our bed. We try to put him back in his crib but he still ends up crying. After constant negotiating involving putting favorite stuff animal and his small blanket in his crib. But he gets the upper hand by crying non-stop and we had to obey his orders and put him on our bed. He always wins!! 🙂
    Kris recently posted…Expense Chronicles – September 2017My Profile

    • @Kris- That was exactly what happened to me last night… so tired! After him falling sleep in my arms, I tried 4 times to put him back in the bassinet and then he cries. Not cosleeping with your baby is so much harder than I thought!

  6. I love markdowns! I buy lots of things from the bakery section -mainly baguettes and goodies – at 30% off. I’m a little more wary of marked-down dairy products, though, because I’m afraid I’ll open them up and discover that they’ve already gone off.

    Yummy, cupcakes! I’m currently snacking on brownies that I got at the grocery store today. I love anything chocolate!

    • @Five More Years- I just ate some spaghetti I found at the Japanese food market for $2.80 marked down from $6. It was great! It had some shrimp in it though but my digestive system seems ok and I ate it almost 12 hours ago lol. I also found some blueberry mochi for $0.99 (two!). Mmmm brownies! I love brownies too and anything chocolate.

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