PF Blog Round Up: Weekend Spending Edition

Inspired by The Luxe Strategist and her Weekend Spending Diaries and Sherry from Save Spend Splurge with her Week of Money record, I thought I would share one of my weekend spending activities as a preface to the 5 great blogs from around the PF blogosphere that I will share.  I warn you though it’s kind of boring, with a baby!  I won’t spare you the details of the sleep deprivation and the intervals of feeding baby GYM every 2-3 hours.


My friends from out of town were here and I haven’t seen them for about 3 years.  I host a wine and cheese after lunch at my place.  The delicious blue cheese, havarti cheese, and brie cheese is courtesy of the PC Financial World Elite MasterCard as the grocery bill came to $3 or so a few days earlier.  It was my first glass of wine, actually it was only about 1/2 a glass for about 10 months and I was sort of disappointed in it, should have gotten a bottle of white wine instead of the Joie rose.  During the get together, my friends going out for brunch the next morning- which sounds nice since I haven’t really had a social outing for about a month.  My husband agrees to stay at home with baby GYM as he’s too young to be going to restaurants.

We go over to my sister in law’s place for dinner, they ordered takeout from a Thai restaurant, it was delicious!


  •  $0


We had brunch at Yolk’s, which is a delicious breakfast place where there’s usually a line up.  You get to pick and choose your option for breakfast, and can have ONE egg instead of TWO (seriously, who would order only one egg for eggs benedict?).  I go all out and order coffee, order ‘TWO eggs’ Egg Benedict with the truffle hash browns instead of the english muffin (yum!).  I treat my friends from out of town because well, I haven’t spent any money all month, and they got baby GYM a cute onesie and a book, which was really nice of them.  It was nice to go out and talk to adults.  The picture below is from a group, I ate it too quickly to be able to take a picture!  This picture looks to be a one egg dish unfortunately lol.

In the afternoon we go get a passport photo done for baby GYM and I go and get my eyebrows threaded since they are getting a bit unruly.  I usually go every 4-6 weeks as they seem to make my eyebrows look on fleek instead of me tweezing them myself.

The photographer did an amazing job of taking a picture of baby GYM with his eyes open and worked really quickly before he started to lose it and wail.  His passport photo looks really cute, he looks like an octogenarian instead of a baby.

We also managed to get some grocery shopping done again and used our points for groceries.  The bill was around $98.50 and we used $90 worth of points so our weekly grocery bill came up to $8.50.  We got some steelhead trout that was 30% off and to be cooked ASAP (yes, I look for “almost gone bad” food how frugal am I??  I usually just shove it in the freezer right away), we also got some eggs, milk, ground beef, scones, a BBQ chicken, and some pork ribs.


  • Brunch: $87 
  • Passport photo (joint spending): $12
  • Eyebrow grooming: $6 
  • Groceries (joint spending): $8.50


Today is my turn for ‘date day’ but since our options are a bit limited with baby, I decide to cook a nice meal at home.  We take turns planning a date day for each other about once a month.  I made caramelized onions with beef, mashed potatoes, sautéed green beans, and buttered corn.  I added those adjectives to make the dinner sound fancier than it was.  We also had some leftover wine from the wine and cheese from Friday.  As you can see from the picture, there wasn’t much leftover wine, unfortunately, more like a tasting!

We managed to sit together at the dinner table but baby GYM started wailing at the top of his lungs so the chance for conversation on our date was a bit cut short.

I can’t remember what happened earlier in the day because when you’re sleep deprived and having oxytocin released every few hours, everything seems to be a bit of a sleepy blur.


  • $0



I read some great stuff this week at 1:25 to 5:20 AM in the morning while feeding the little one!

Frugal Trader from Million Dollar Journey writes about Strategies to Reduce the Damaging Changes to Private Corporation Taxes.  Sounds like it’s coming down the pipeline whether small business owners like it or not.

Sherry from Save Spend Splurge shares about the horrors of The Modern Dating Scene and why she’s happy she’s not single.

Mrs. Penny Pinchers talks about Eating Cheap and Healthy Without Hating Yourself.  I should try and start to make my own yogurt one day!

You can find out How Cheap Are You and get your Frugal GPA from Darren from at Learn to Be Great 

Lily from Frugal Gene writes about the Age When being Broke Stops Being Cute.  My opinion is the late 20’s, basically when you are starting to search for your life partner and you’ve had at least 5 years of work experience under your belt.

Readers, how did your weekend of spending go?

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13 comments on “PF Blog Round Up: Weekend Spending Edition

  1. Being a parent with two young kids myself, most of my time will be spent running around and taking them to kids programs. I read most of my articles when I am commuting to and from work. It’s really amazing to read all these blogs and learn new things everyday.

    I remember some of those sleepless nights, I don’t think I can do it any more.
    Leo T. Ly recently posted…Do You Want To Be Your Own Boss?My Profile

    • @Leo- Oh it’s rough. My husband gave me a break last night and fed the baby with a bottle because I was passing out and the baby finally went to bed at 1:40 AM (yeesh!). So when people say “sleep while you can” when you are pregnant, they really mean it haha.

    • @Kris- So the sleepless nights don’t end?!! I had something to look forward to, Kris, thanks a LOT, now my hopes are shattered 😉 I wish I could share this passport photo, he looks really funny, double chin, receding hairline and all.

  2. Hi GYM,

    Great list of blogs this week! 😉 Thanks for the shout-out!

    I hope you’re getting as much rest as you can. It’s got to be tough with the baby, but I know you’ll survive. More food pics, okay? Looks great!

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