PF Blog Round Up: Weekend Spending Nov 2017 Edition


Inspired by The Luxe Strategist and her Weekend Spending Diaries and Sherry from Save Spend Splurge with her Week of Money record, I thought I would share one of my weekend spending activities as a preface to the 5 great blogs from around the PF blogosphere that I will share. 

I had a spendy weekend, but it was all great nonetheless!


Friday was super spendy.  I went and got my iPhone 5 battery replaced.  I’ve had my iPhone 5 since 2013 and the battery has been dying.  It was very frustrating because I would leave my apartment with a 99% battery and about 1 hour later it would turn to 1%.  I wouldn’t be able to tell when it was going to shut down.  I initially bought an Anker External Battery for $24 on Amazon Prime which was great but it was annoying to lug that thing around.  I was thinking of getting a new iPhone even *GASP*.

Then Barry Choi on Twitter suggested that I just replace my battery.  Oh.  So I did and it’s GREAT!!!  Best $70 I spent ever, hopefully my iPhone will last another 2-3 years.

I also then went to get my eyebrows threaded for $5.  I used to tweeze my eyebrows but now I just go and get them done because it’s faster that way.  I go about once every 4-6 weeks but I can’t remember the last time I went, it might have been 2 months ago.

Then I went to get an day planner for 2018.  I love having a paper day planner, even though everyone is going digital now, I still like to write things out.  I like the one from Paperblanks and have been getting it for years.  This set me back $18.

Finally to cap off the high-spending Friday, I bought a Blenz Belgian white chocolate hot chocolate for $4.50.  I like this treat once in a while, the whipped cream melts into the white chocolate and it tastes soooooo good.

Oh gosh I just looked at the nutritional information and it is 52% of my daily total fat needs…. with 640 calories!!  Oops.


  • iPhone battery $70
  • Eyebrow maintenance $5
  • 2018 Day Planner $18
  • Hot chocolate $4.50

Total: $97.50 (!)


Husband watched baby GYM while I got some ‘me’ time with my girlfriends.  We had brunch and I had a pulled pork eggs benedict.  It had fried onions on top of the Hollandaise sauce.  I think this blog will eventually be overrun with pictures of eggs Benedict.  It was delicious!  We treated two of the friends who had birthdays in November (instead of gifts for each other we do this now).  This set me back $39.

Later on, I met a friend who was here from New York on her parental leave and bought some macarons for her (a gift for mommy and a gift for baby which were $60 toy blocks which I bought a few weeks ago, don’t get me started on baby gifts).  If I learn to make macarons one day I will save a lot of money I think.  A dozen macarons was $25.


  • Brunch $39
  • Macarons $25

Total: $64


We had a lazy Sunday and had fast food, I had a Burger King whopper meal and husband had a Burger King Bacon King meal.  My stomach didn’t feel too bad after so I guess it went down pretty good!


  • Fast food: $19 (joint spending)

In total, I spent $161.50 this weekend with $19 in joint spending!

Here are some great posts by PF bloggers that I rounded up, enjoy!

PF Blog Roundup:


Mr. Tako Escapes asks Does FIRE Have Longevity Advantages?  On his most recent trip to Japan, he went to Okinawa, which is one of the places that is a “Blue Zone”.  People who live in the Blue Zone have a longer life expectancy than the average, and it is attributed to a number of factors, including more of a plant based diet and integration into community.  I have long been fascinated with these places and hope to read that book soon!

Actuary on Fire shares a detailed step-by-step on how an actuary would Value a Pension Actuary Style for the purpose of net worth updates.  In a following post he uses a case example so that you can really see how to calculate the value of your defined benefit pension.

Mr. Freaky Frugal shares how much do you REALLY need to retire?  Coming from the horse’s mouth, someone who is actually retired!  His answer is ‘it depends’ 🙂

Gabe at The Shiny Dollar shares some Fun Money Ideas for Kids.  Including giving money for an “A” (which is what my parents did, they gave me $10 for each ‘A’ but no money for anything else haha).

Caroline from Money Scrap shares a super detailed grocery budget for October.  If you ever want to analyze your grocery expenses check out her post for inspiration!

Readers, how did your weekend spending go?  Do you like old school day planners like me or are you ‘hip with the times’ and have a digital online calendar?  

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9 comments on “PF Blog Round Up: Weekend Spending Nov 2017 Edition

  1. I wouldn’t have thought to change the battery of the phone–what a game changer! I also bought a physical planner not too long ago, and I love the old school format. There’s something about actually writing something down instead of typing it into the computer/phone. Makes it seem more serious!

    My weekend spending was pretty good, because I spent most of it working on the blog. I find when I’m busy working on stuff that I hardly ever have time to actually buy things. So, moral of the story: get busy = spend less!
    The Luxe Strategist recently posted…I Just Spent $3,000 in Three Weeks. Here’s How I’m Dealing With It.My Profile

    • @The Luxe Strategist- Yes I saw your beautiful leather bound physical planner! Yes, being busy is the best way to prevent consumption. Creating vs consumption- creating always wins.

  2. Great suggestion by Barry on changing the battery on your phone, maybe your phone will last another five years…ahhh maybe that’s too optimistic!! Our expenses will be higher than usual this month, we paid $250 for our car registration last weekend and started to do some early Christmas shopping as well.
    Kris recently posted…Book Review: The Secret Lives of IntrovertsMy Profile

    • @Kris- Haha, yes 5 years is a bit optimistic. Christmas is almost 30 days away…! So soon- good for you for getting shopping done early. I haven’t even made my list up yet.

    • @Melanie- Ooh couponing, I would love to read a post on your blog about couponing! Things are so expensive in Hawaii, I’m sure it really helps! My handwriting is messy too and my planner gets a bit trashed, but I do like reviewing it at the end of the year (I transfer birthdays into the new planner so I don’t forget, and pay days of course)… and when I review, I go “ohh I haven’t met this person for lunch since January of last year?!”

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