Why a Monthly Yoga Pass Won’t Work for Me

monthly yoga pass not worth it

Recently I bought a discounted three month yoga pass (Semperviva) that amounted to $80, which is a steal of a deal considering most discounted introductory unlimited yoga passes are about $30-$40 a month.  Of course Vancouver is the yoga capital of North America, pretty much (well perhaps that’s a bit of a stretch, though Vancouver is the birthplace of the Lululemon yoga pant) so since it had been a while since I used an unlimited pass (years), I thought it would be a good opportunity to try it again.

Here are some reasons why this three month unlimited pass trial didn’t work for me, and why I presume any unlimited monthly gym/yoga/workout pass might not work for others for the same reasons… however, this is just my experience and might be completely opposite to yours!

Limited options

I had a specific class I was aiming to go to (namely prenatal yoga) and it was offered twice a week (once during a weekday, during the day and the other time slot was on a weekend day).   Of course the weekday option was out of the question since I work Monday to Fridays.

Of course there were other pregnancy friendly yoga classes but they were offered too early in the evening making getting there rushed.

monthly yoga pass not worth it

it takes too much time out of my day

I found that an hour and 15 minute class would actually take about two to two and a half hours out of my day.  It involved getting there at least half an hour before class and then looking for parking, and then driving home through the traffic (about 10-15 minute drive each way).

I guess this is in comparison to working out via Youtube videos or a DVD which involves the specific time allotted since there’s no travel time or “looking for parking” time.  I have so much I like to do (like read, blog, learn about personal finance) that time to me, is of the essence and I want to make things as efficient as possible.

I think that if the yoga studio was walking distance then it would be a whole different ball game and I would probably go a lot more often.

i prefer to be alone

Perhaps it’s because I am an introverted (check out Liquid Independence’s post on which Myers Briggs personality types make the most money) creature and prefer to be alone.  Being in roomful of people can be inspiring but at the same time draining for me.

I don’t have a solution for this one except to change my personality, haha.

I can’t do anything after work

A lot of the weekday classes are great but driving through traffic and rushing to get somewhere after work stresses me out and also cuts into meal preparation for dinner, of course!  Besides, after work I am absolutely exhausted usually and can’t do anything except veg for a few minutes on the couch before getting my evening started.

getting a cost per use target stresses me out

Finally, ideally I wanted to go to enough yoga classes so that each class was to end up costing $5.  However, in my three month unlimited yoga class experiment I was only able to go between nine to 11 times, making my cost per use around $7.00-$9.00.  Still not bad but it’s not stellar.  I ended up going to yoga class for the sake of going to yoga class so that I wouldn’t be paying $14 a class (perhaps this is a good thing because I did end up “getting my money’s worth”).

in conclusion…

I know it seems like a lot of excuses but I really do try and give it a good conscientious effort before I rule something out.  I think in the future if the exercise pass was close to me (walking distance) it would make a big difference in my happiness factor with the class.  Also, if I needed the united energy of people around me to decompress this would be much more appropriate for me (for example my colleague loves yoga classes and goes almost every day after work).  I cancelled my membership and saved my money instead.

Readers, are you good at taking advantage of a monthly gym/yoga/workout pass?  Do you have any strategies that you would recommend for making the most of your gym/yoga/workout pass?

monthly yoga pass not worth it

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8 comments on “Why a Monthly Yoga Pass Won’t Work for Me

  1. I am also introverted and it’s also hard to do anything after work. I have worked out at home in the past (bodyrock.tv when it was still free) and will continue to do so if I miraculously have the time. It definitely is hard to work out after work; I wait to get picked up, we drive to pick up our son which is at either of our parents home, we eat dinner, then rush home through traffic, and rush with cooking for breakfast and lunch for the next day. It’s exhausting. By the time I finish everything, It’s 9 pm and gotta get everyone ready for bed.

    • Gosh that sounds busy! I hear Honolulu traffic can be pretty crazy. I was having trouble going to classes without children I can’t imagine adding a child to the mix- especially when they start to have activities of their own 😳

  2. I have a monthly fitness pass that I like a lot. It’s only really worked out for me because the times are late-but-not-too-late in the evenings and the studio is only a 5 minute walk from my house. I’ve learned that for gyms, if they are not near where I live or on my route home from work, I barely go.

    • @YAPFB- That’s wonderful! Mr. GYM goes to a GYM (hahah) that is 5 minutes walking distance too. If the yoga studio were closer I think it would definitely be easier for me.

  3. I used to workout 3-4 times a week. I loved getting my workout in and reaching my daily goal of just making it there. But now with babysitting duties for Baby with Cents after work, sometimes I’m lucky to get a workout in once a week. At least I have some bands and workout ball at home so I don’t have to worry about going to the gym.
    I would have done the same thing like you because were all press for time and it’s more of a hassle to get to the yoga studio. Better to do yoga at home, cuts down on time

    • @Kris- Having children really makes time for yourself a bit more difficult doesn’t it! I’m going to be doing a lot of workouts at home too. I know a lot of people who have kids end up going to the gym before work, maybe that could be something that could work for you? (I know it would definitely not work for me, I am not a morning person!)

  4. I know the struggle! I think for the unlimited pass to work, you really need to have a few factors work for you.

    1. It’s VERY convenient to get to or
    2. You love whatever it is you signed up for a ridiculous amount

    Having both those factors working towards a membership is a killing combo! I have a gym membership to the climbing gym and I generally go 2-3 times a week (which factors to about ~$7-10 per use as opposed to $20 per day pass. It’s a bit far, but I’m able to conveniently go at any time. So thankfully I don’t have to tally in my head if I get my money’s worth because I already enjoy the sport so much! I hear you though, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to do anything else with my evenings if I go on a weekday 🙁
    Jing recently posted…Am I A Minimalist?My Profile

    • @Jing- Yes the struggle is real! 🙂 Good point about Number 2. I don’t think I LOVED yoga that much to go, or maybe it was the weight of the pregnancy and me just feeling grumpy. Wonderful that you have a climbing gym membership, you definitely can’t do that at home or on Youtube LOL, unlike yoga!

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